How To Make Some Fun Summer Bags For Kids

Fun summer toys time!

make your own summer bags Make Some Fun Summer Bags For Kids


Every summer I put together a little ‘Welcome to Summer’ bag for my kids.  Just a collection of small summer toys and fun things to get the kids excited about the start of a fresh new summer after finishing a long, hard school year.  The bags have gotten a little different as the kids have gotten older, but they always include some element of fun, and once in awhile they include something related to whatever trip we have planned for the summer.

This summer we’re not taking a big trip, we’re hanging out closer to home while we try to figure out why my baby girl has been throwing up for almost three months.  But we’re still planning to have the Summer of All Summers at home.

Make Some Fun Summer Bags For Kids

Grab whatever bags you’ve got hanging around the house.  Sometimes I use beach buckets, but this year I used some reusable shopping bags I had left over from a party called SocialLuxe Lounge which I co-hostess every year.  The bags just need to be big enough to include whatever you’re tucking inside.

How To Make Some Fun Summer Bags For Kids

Think summer! Include fun things your kids don’t necessarily play with to keep it fresh.

  • Sidewalk chalk – My kids always love sidewalk chalk for driveway murals + spur of the moment art
  • Bubbles – No one is ever too old for bubbles
  • Sunglasses – Because when you’re cool, the sun is always shining
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Sticks – Perfect for late nights in the yard, sleepovers, camp-outs
  • Butterfly Net – So many summer creatures to catch + inspect!
  • Water Balloons – Self explanatory
  • S’Mores ingredients + marshmallow roaster
  • Beach Ball – Self explanatory
  • Granola Bars – To keep up all that summer energy
  • Nerf water gun – To cause general fun + mayhem with friends + siblings
summer water balloons bag of summer fun

The great thing about making a summer fun bag (or five) is that it doesn’t need to be filled with expensive things to make it exciting.  The idea is to put together things that represent summer to you and will spark random fun in your yard.  Squirt guns represent summer to me and my kids, and we can spend hours running around in the backyard chasing each other.nerf guns

Beach balls, or any balls for that matter, have the same effect as squirt guns, they both create general chaos and fun with no work required.  Only fun, all the time!

playing with beach balls

What are you doing for fun this summer?  Sticking around home or headed off for grand locales?  Summer is our most favorite season of all.  We’d rather have a casual summer night BBQ and dinner on the deck all summer long than do anything at all.  Tell me, how do you play in the summer?

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quaker granola bars

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  1. Kelleyn :

    They are getting so big! We are mostly close to home this summer, but will spend one week in Williamsburg, Virginia over the 4th of July. Have a great summer!

  2. H.Linn :

    If only. You’ve gotta be rich to have grass around here. We mostly hibernate in the daytime. But I am considering borrowing our friend’s projector and watching a movie on the side of the house tonight–maybe with a little s’more action.