How to make it glitter shoes

// How to make it glitter shoes?  Yes, please! Have you been dying to learn how to make your own glitter shoes?  I won’t lie, I totally have.  Today new DIY fashion editor Stephanie has a great tutorial to teach us all how to do the greatest DIY in the history of ever: how to make your own glitter shoes. I’m squealing on the inside. – Allison //

do it yourself Glitter Shoes

Hi! It’s Stephanie from Henry Happened. It’s time to glitter it up, and I’ve been on the lookout for easy (and cheap) ways how to add sparkle and bling. And you know what looks way better with a coat of glitter? Yep, your basic black flats. Who knew, right?

Well, I guess my daughter could have told me that. She is obsessed with glitter shoes! In fact, we can’t get out the door unless she is wearing sparkly shoes. And she gives my new shoes two thumbs up.

how to glitter shoes

I went with a multicolored glitter for my black flats just so they would match whatever I happened to be wearing. But plain gold or silver would also look great. And don’t be glitter shy if your flats have a pattern – animal prints look awesome with a glitter cap toe.

Making your own glitter cap toe shoes only takes about 5 minutes (plus drying time). Here’s how to get started!

DIY Glitter Shoes

make glitter shoes

How to make it glitter shoes supplies:

  • A pair of flats you’re not shy about painting on
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter – fine glitter works better than chunkier
  • Painters tape
  • Sponge brush

How to:  Tape off the area of the shoe you want to paint. I did a cap toe and a stripe on the heel. Then mix a dollop of Mod Podge with a healthy amount of glitter. The thicker the better. That way you will get more coverage with the first coat.

Then paint on the glitter with a sponge brush. Again, be liberal with the glitter so you cover the shoe well. Go ahead and take off the tape after painting and let the shoes dry. I found that if you take off the tape after the glitter has dried you can get some cracking.

do it yourself glitter shoe

After the shoes have dried, you can see if you need a second coat. But I was happy with mine after just one coat.

And if you have small kids like I do who are constantly stepping on your feet, you might loose some glitter chunks. No worries – you can always apply more.

glitter Wasn’t that so easy to learn how to make a festive pair of party flats? Channel your inner five-year-old and get your glitter on!


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// Stephanie Gerber is a mother of 3 who writes for pretty mommies on a budget. She shares stylish and crafty adventures on her blog Henry Happened. //


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  1. Erica :

    I’m so doing this to my black flats with the outdated little bow on them! I could glitter the bow and the back. Thank you!

  2. Marie :

    These are soooooo cute!! What a fun and super simple idea. Love!!

  3. Daniela :

    So adorable! And it looks so easy…that’s it, my plain black flats are getting a makeover :)
    Thanks so much for the idea!

  4. ajira :

    Too cute for words. The world clearly needs way more glitter!!