How to Make A Scrabble Pendant

Hi! Heather from The Gift Closet here! I’ve had lots of fun “meeting” some of the readers here on Petit Elephant this week! In case you didn’t see my earlier posts, Allison has been sweet enough to let me be the guest blogger this week here on Petit Elephant!

I have shared pictures of some of the products I make this week, and one of those was my Scrabble Pendants.
Emily left a comment and asked how these were made, so I thought I would share!

I promise I am not being lazy, but I thought I would send you directly to the link that taught me! Instead of me re-typing all of it and possibly missing something, I am sending you directly to the pro!!!

Annie Howe makes gorgeous pendants! She shared on her blog last year how to make them, and that is how I learned!

Click here for How To Make A Scrabble Pendant.

I was able to find most of the supplies at a local craft store. I did have to order a few things online. I have used paper out of magazines, drawn designs on them by hand, and some of the best ones have been from scrapbook paper!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at heatherldt at bellsouth dot net

Again, Thanks to Allison for allowing me to be a guest blogger this week! I have enjoyed it! Stop by and see me sometime over at The Gift Closet!!

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