How to make a jeweled collared necklace

DIY Jeweled Collar Necklace

Here’s how to make a jeweled collar necklace: find a picture of your favorite expensive collared necklace, then go make one of your own for five thousand dollars less.  Easy as pie.

Have you jumped on the collar necklace trend? Yep, I’ve tried a peter pan version and even a chain one. But not long ago I was ohhing and ahhing over a Kate Spade necklace that was shaped like a triangle, like the points of a shirt collar. What a fun shape! Lucky for me (and you!) it’s easy to DIY your own.

Here’s the how to make your own jeweled collared necklace:

DIY Collar Necklace

This necklace won’t break the bank either because you only need a few basic materials.

Supplies for collared necklace:

  • Black felt
  • Plastic gems – mine are from the scrap-booking section!
  • Black ribbon
  • Jewel glue
DIY Necklace with scrapbooking gems

First decide how you want the necklace to look like (see above Kate Spade), and what colors you want. I went with black and clear gems because black and white is a huuuuge trend right now. But a single color, neon or even emerald would all look great. You can easily customize your colors by painting the gems with nail polish, (that’s a whole how-to in and of itself!).

Collar Necklace Tutorial

Then fold your sheet of felt in half and sketch out one side of the collar. You can even use one of your button down shirts to get the shape right. With the felt folded, cut the triangle so you end up with two identical sides connected in the middle.

how to make a collar necklace

Lay out your jewels until you are happy with the colors and pattern. Play with using different shapes or turning them in different directions until you’ve laid it out exactly how you want it to look.

When you finalize a design, take a picture with your phone. Or if you don’t have a camera phone, quickly sketch out the pattern. You’ll be surprised how quickly you forget the design you just decided to make!

Shirt Collar Necklacehow to make a collar necklace

Apply jewel glue to the back of each gem and press it in place on the felt. If you are using scrap-booking gems, they will have a sticky back. Peel this off before applying the glue so the gem adheres fully and lays flat.

peter pan necklace

Then cut two pieces of ribbon – about 8 inches – and glue the ends to the back side of the felt.

After you’ve let the gems dry completely, cut the edges of the felt so that it’s not sticking out around the gems. And you’re done!

DIY Jeweled Collar Necklace

This necklace is great layered over a button down shirt – I love the double collar! What do you think of the blingy collar trend? Is it something you would wear?  How will you design yours?

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    I love this! I have been looking for a fun project to do with my daughter and some of her friends, this is perfect and so so fun!