Home Made Peppermint Sugar Scrub With Recipe + How To

Today’s how to: home made peppermint sugar scrub (with a recipe!).

Home Made Peppermint Sugar Scrub With Recipe + How To

The last sugar scrub we made together (let’s pretend we had a girl’s night – more fun for everyone) was a lovely lavender body scrub, perfect for relaxing and exfoliating at the same time.

Today’s sugar scrub is the opposite of that.  It’s a delicious (and I do mean delicious) home made peppermint sugar scrub, which feels so invigorating and refreshing in the warmer months . . . hello, Summer!

how to make peppermint sugar scrub home made peppermint sugar scrub

Peppermint sugar scrub genuinely feels a little tingly on your skin, and I swear it cools you down, if only mentally.  Exactly what a girl (and guy!) needs during a hot, sticky time of year.  This sugar scrub is genuinely one of my favorites; it smells so delectable and fresh, which is always what I crave when things get too warm.

how to make your own sugar scrub

Whip up some of this sugar scrub to stash in your shower, and let me know if you try it.  I promise, learning how to make this peppermint scrub was a huge revelation to me, and has saved me so much cash in the end.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub - How To
Prep time
Total time
Make your own inexpensive DIY peppermint sugar scrub at home with this easy how to and just a few ingredients! You'll love it.
Recipe type: Beauty
Serves: 1½ cups
  • 1 cup granulated white sugar
  • ¼ - ½ cup olive oil or coconut oil
  • 5-10 drops Vitamin E oil
  • peppermint essential oil (add drops until it smells strong enough for you) - I use between 5-15 depending on the oil
  1. Measure sugar into a bowl.
  2. In another small bowl, mix together Vitamin E oil and coconut or olive oil.
  3. Add oils to sugar and combine well.
  4. If you like your scrubs with more oil, add oil until you're satisfied. Mix well.
  5. If your sugar scrub gets too oily, add sugar until you're happy with the consistency.
  6. Use on dry hands after washing or use in the bath or shower after cleansing.
  7. Pat skin dry.
  8. Enjoy!


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