Holiday Nail Colors 2015

OPI‘s nail colors in the 2015 holiday collection are, in a word, gorgeous.  OPI isn’t capable of producing nail polish colors that aren’t pretty, it’s just the way the universe works, but this collection is spectacular. I was sent a preview kit to check out and immediately painted the nails of everyone in the vicinity.  These colors are so much fun!

Let me introduce you to the colors in the OPI Starlight collection:


Holiday Nail Collection 2015


From left to right:

  • Love Is In My Cards
  • Comet Closer
  • Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Meteorite
  • Give Me Space
  • By The Light Of The Moon
  • Cosmo With A Twist



Left to right:

  • Ro-Man-Ce On the Moon
  • Is This Star Taken?
  • I’m In The Moon For Love
  • Love Is In My Cards
  • No More Mr. Night Sky
  • Center Of The You-Niverse



Left to right:

  • I Drive A SuperNova
  • By The Light Of The Moon
  • Ce-Less-Tial Is More
  • Press * For Silver
  • Infrared-y To Glow
  • An Affair In Red Square


If you want to buy a small collection of the holiday 2015 OPI colors you can buy a gift set with these three colors, (I’m partial to the bright pink):


Left to right:

  • Mod About You
  • By The Light Of The Moon
  • An Affair In Red Square


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What do you think?  Pretty gorgeous colors, right?  Out of the whole collection, if I had to choose a favorite it would probably be Cosmo With A Twist.  It looks black on paper, but it’s a magnificent, swirly purple + dark blue.  Stunning, really.

Put this entire collection on every wish list you have, and enjoy!

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