Hello Kitty Nail Collection 2016

A new nail collection from OPI is here!  This time it’s Hello Kitty and, you guys, the colors.  Right now I’m obsessing over the bright yellow, bright blue and hot pinks (and the black isn’t too shabby either).

Let’s take a peek, shall we?


Hello Kitty Nail Collection

Left to right, here is the 2016 Hello Kitty nail collection, by color name (the very best part of any OPI collection are the names):

  • black: Never Have Too Mani Friends
  • white sparkly: Kitty White
  • red: 5 Apples Tall
  • coral deep pink: Spoken From The Heart
  • dark pink sparkly: Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel
  • light pink: Small + Cute =
  • palest pink: Let’s Be Friends
  • yellow: My Twin Mimmy
  • blue: My Pal Joey
  • purple: Super Cute in Pink
  • light purple pink:  Look At My Bow!
  • light pink sparkly: Charmmy & Sugar


Hello Kitty Nail Polish OPI

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, you’re probably freaking out.

If you’re a color fan, you’re probably freaking out.

If you’re a nail polish fan, your mind is officially blown.


hello kitty polish 2016

I haven’t been this excited about a collection in awhile; the colors are just so great!  Naturally, being Hello Kitty, there’s almost every shade of pink available (I’m very partial to the almost hot pink red, 5 Apples Tall), but I’m stoked about the rest of the colors too.


pink polish


Actually the one on the far left, Super Cute in Pink, is actually kind of purple tinted, and it’s very Hello Kitty adorable.


nail polish

How great is the slightly opalescent white, especially next to the black black, bright blue and yellow?  The yellow looks ridiculous awesome on, by the way.  I can’t wait to give myself a pedicure with it.  It’s the perfect sunny day color to get me out of this winter funk.


bright nail polish

No one will even know there’s a beach party on my toes.

It’ll be our little secret.


cute black nail polish

This black is gorgeous, smooth, almost buttery.  Midnight on your hands.  I’d wear it on a Friday night to the clubs, if I were that sort of girl.  Instead, I’ll wear it to the swim meet this weekend.

Living LARGE in suburbia.


bright blue nail polish


And the blue, My Pal Joey.  It pops, cartoon-y blue, perfect for our Mistress Kitty.  It would be fun to give yourself a sky blue manicure with a couple of clouds, wouldn’t it? Can you tell there are 3 feet of snow on the ground outside?  I’m dreaming of Hello Kitty sun + blue skies forever.

Go out and get yourself your favorite color in this nail collection ASAP.  I have a sneaky suspicion you deserve it.

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