Hello I’m Back And Now It’s Fall, Boo

Guys. First of all, hello.


Did you have a beautiful summer? Did you travel far and wide making wonderful memories the whole way? I really hope so. I hope the summer of 2017 was one for the record books.

fresh peaches

My summer was fantastic. It started out with a trip to Europe and ended with me making peach jam in my kitchen while I listened to audiobooks. I know the end sounds like lame, but making jam is actually pretty enjoyable to me.


paris paris swimming pool soccer game

Speaking of jam (ha! ha! *sigh*) summer blogging is not mine. My kids are ever-present. We travel a lot as a family. It’s all swim meets and weekend travel and random activities to keep children busy (see: overworked and tired by the end of the day). Basically blogging is a mess in the summer. In about early July this year I asked a bunch of my fellow pro-blogging friends how they manage to blog in the summertime and every single one sent me gifs of people drowning, sobbing, pulling their hair out, and running away from home.

I mean, you get the gist. It’s a mess.

my kids

So here I am, doing my annual Fall ‘WELCOME BACK!’ post. We have a lot to talk about. I want to know how you are and how your summer went, or if you’re in the southern hemisphere (hello, Australia!) your fall. Let’s catch up. Tell me what’s new in your life, because I genuinely want to hear it.

Here, I’ll start. Like it’s the first day of 7th grade and you’re “getting to know me”:

  • We went to Paris and Barcelona for the first three weeks of summer. It was, in a word, spectacular. I have a lot to share. Packing tips (3 weeks in a carry-on, WHUT), ideas for traveling on the cheap, fun places to stay in Barcelona and Paris, how to travel as a family, what to eat, etc. etc. I have so many of the tips.
  • I went to approximately 1,204 swim meets. My summer was all pool, all the time. But not actually in the pool. I was on the sidelines volunteering in 101 degree weather. I was getting kids all snacked and hydrated and sun-screened. I was hot. I was tired. It was somewhat delightful. Sometimes. We ended the summer swim season at a 4-day swim meet at the end of July where we were at the pool from 7 am- 9 pm every day.  That was not delightful.
  • I read a lot of books.
  • I saw a few movies.
  • I worked in the yard.
  • I took a nap almost every day.
  • I hauled kids all over the mothereffing state of Utah. I enjoyed that 30% of the time.
  • I ate a lot of ice cream.


Now it’s your turn.  Tell me about your summer. The good, bad, the hideous.


p.s. I missed you.

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  1. ellen patton :

    I did some local stuff that I had never done around New England: rode the Cannon Mountain tram, went blueberry picking and made jam (not freezer jam; the real deal), discovered Nahant Beach and toured the John Adams house. And I spent Labor Day weekend in NYC which was really fun. My favorite things were chocolate cake at Amy’s Bread, lunch (French dip sandwich) at Maison Pickles, street corn at Havana Outpost, visiting the Manhattan LDS Temple, MOMA, Central Park, and walking, walking, walking.