Happy Happy New Year to New You!

happy new year to you

Hello, you.  And you, and you.  I’ve missed you.  I hope every last one of you took a big fat break over the holidays.  If you didn’t get a break, please know you deserved one whether it happened or not.  If you were in my hood I’d invite you in for a hot cup of tea and make you put your feet up, because man, last year was hard.  Take a load off, relaxers are welcome here.

So what did you do over the holidays?  We took a big fat break and a road trip to Spokane to visit a dear college friend of ours (my husband and I met in college so we have a lot of mutual friends from those days) and had such a great time.  I really don’t like traveling during the holidays and had low expectations for a great Christmas, but I’m telling you, sometimes a road trip to a faraway place is just what you need.  We hung out as a family because there wasn’t anything else to do BUT be together.  I didn’t putter around the house cleaning and organizing, and I didn’t open my laptop once.  That wouldn’t have happened at home.

happy happy new year

I finished knitting the twin sized blanket for my son I’ve been working on for 6 years, one winter at a time.  We went ice skating as a family, and watched movies.  I slept a lot.  Read a lot of books on my Kindle.  Played board games with my kids. Turned off my phone for days at a time (gasp!).  In short, I actually relaxed and took the media break I really needed.  It felt amazing, but I’m happy to be back and thrilled to start the new year.  Really, I’m one of those people.


Do you make goals in the new year?  I’m so happy at the beginning of the year to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.  I love setting refresh, and am a big believer in starting over and becoming a better person all the time, learning from mistakes and trying something new.  I’m the person who buys up all the calendars at Target and love nothing more than a brand new yellow lined notepad and one of my favorite pens so I can write down all the things I want to do differently in the new year.  I love it.

I made a 2 page list of goals this year (eep!) but they’re doable things, goals like get dressed for work (it’s usually p.j.’s, I won’t lie) walk more, cook more, find ways to serve others, read my scriptures daily, things I want to make time for.  I find hope in that, year after year.

So I hope you’ll do it with me.  If you haven’t already, make a Life List.  Put attainable goals on the list like watching 30 minutes less TV every day, or watching MORE TV if that’s what you want to do.  Think about your biggest, scariest-t0-say-out-loud, dream and put in on paper.  Try harder to do the things that make you happier, nurture friendships, learn to knit, take piano, travel more.

There it is.  Happy Happy HAPPY New Year!  To you and and yours and theirs.  Be happier, healthier, smarter, kinder.  I love you, and am so grateful you take a part of your day to hang with me!  Truly.

Let’s do this, 2014!

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  1. Necole@seriouslysassymama :

    My only real goal for this year is to keep my eye brows groomed. I have some wants and wishes, but only one goal.

    • Allison :

      Necole, that’s really a noble goal honestly. Some years it’s quite the thing to keep those things in check. You can do it! :)

  2. Sarah :

    Ha, Necole, that is a great goal!

    I went with the whole “pick a word to focus on” thing for new years, but I couldnt pick just one, so I picked two….”Faith” and “Courage” those are my words for 2014, wish me luck my friend :)

    • Allison :

      Sarah, I love the word thing. I’ve been thinking of two as well, because one doesn’t seem just right. I LOVE faith and courage! They cover so much but still manage to reign it all in. Good luck, I know you can do it. Both of those.

  3. Jenny :

    Your Christmas break sounds amazing and your Jan blog posts always motivate me to make better goals.

    And I totally picked a word too! It must be in the water, or the internet. To love more. To speak from a place of love and act from a place of love instead of all the other places it normally comes from….fingers crossed.

    • Allison :

      Jenny, I love that word/theme. I have several words, so I’m cobbling them together for a year-long theme I think. But love is amazing. Especially with a few kiddos, they can always use more love. You can absolutely do it, you’re a very loving person.