great new year’s eve playlist

new years eve

Have you got some hopping plans for New Year’s Eve?  I do.  Mine include: chamomile tea with honey, a book on my new Nook reader, a heating pad, and lots of painkillers.

I know, I know, I like it a little crazy.

If you’re in need of some tunes for a shindig you’re hosting tonight, here’s a New Year’s Eve playlist from last year:

Fly Me to the Moon–Frank Sinatra
The Best is Yet to Come–Frank Sinatra
Save the Last Dance–Michael Buble
Everything–Michael Buble
Come Fly With Me–MIchael Buble
Be Ok–Ingrid Michaelson
It Had to be You–Harry Connick, Jr.
We Are in Love–Harry Connick, Jr.
Better Together–Jack Johnson
Melody–Kate Earl
Moondance–Van Morrison
The Show–Lenka
Auld Lang Syne–Bare Naked Ladies
Auld Lang Syne–Straight No Chaser

all available at iTunes

Happy New Year!

{isn’t the photo of the New Year’s Eve fireworks beautiful?  I found it on Solar Navigator}

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  1. Lindsay :

    oh! great playlist. + happy new year to you!
    love, lindsay

    • Allison :

      Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Katelyn :

    Oh, hope you get better soon! Did you get a nook color? I got one for Christmas and you can lend to other nookcolor lovers :) I haven’t read Meg Calbot but if you have one, I’d borrow it for a few weeks.

    • Allison :

      Oh sweet, yes, let’s be friends! I got a nook color too. I’ve only bought one book so far, Outlander, but I’m more than happy to share as soon as I finish. I don’t know how to share, but tell me and let’s do it!

  3. Jamie S :

    What a great list!

    • Allison :

      Thanks Jamie, I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve!

  4. Beth :

    Ok – here is a thought on the make-up….how would you put make up on on a day you don’t want to wear make -up…like a house cleaning day….but you don’t want your husband to pass out when he walks in the door and see’s your real face! (I don’t want to put on a full face for the last few hours of the day)

  5. Camille :

    oh, great playlist! You’re definitely a romantic, and I love that you included HCJ. He’s a staple of mine. Here’s one you’ve missed: Michael Buble’s “Sway”. I’ll let you in on a secret: It’s the perfect beat for curling biceps ;)