Gorgeous cold weather goods for your travels


Gorgeous Cold Weather Goods to Take With You on Your Travels | Petit ElefantHear the word “travel,” and our minds have a tendency to wander off to warm places where sun-kissed toes can sink into soft beach sand and the drinks come with a ring of brightly colored salt and a straw-hatted waiter. Not so much icy locales requiring cold weather goods like sweaters and mittens.

I blame the Polar Vortex and all its nose hair-freezing nonsense.

Because, if you think about it, there are so many places where fresh white snow and crisp winter air laced with earthy wood smoke make for one unforgettable calling card. Places where dog sleds and ice hotels and ski slopes leave us pining for more cold weather adventure and the coziness that comes with them. Not to mention the buttery hot drinks.

Knowing what to pack can be tricky since bulky coats take up a lot of suitcase space, and camera equipment (guilty) and toiletries oftentimes take up the rest.

The key to keeping winter looks warm yet wildly stylish when traveling is dressing in pretty, fuss-free layers that mix the best parts of functionality and fabulosity. (That means no ironing and mostly machine washable).

You’ll want to pick all of these up immediately:

Gorgeous Cold Weather Goods to Take With You on Your Travels | Petit Elefant

(From top: Heart Gloves, Knit Slouchy Beanie, Jane Austen Slouchy Sweatshirt, Chevron Infinity Loop Scarf.)

Everything rolls beautifully or tucks into a corner to maximize space in your suitcase. (Win!)

And by packing a collection of cold weather goods that can be changed up from casual to more dressy (don’t forget to include basics like skinny jeans and solid long sleeve tops) depending on the day’s adventures, your packing list just got a lot shorter. Because a few gorgeous pieces are really all it takes to get serious mileage out of your winter travel wardrobe.

Gorgeous Cold Weather Goods to Take With You on Your Travels | Petit Elefant

(From top: Lacy Knit Boot Socks, Wide Hand Knit Dew Drop Bangle, Great Idea Scarf, A Little Bit Bunny Cardigan in Mustard.)

Now go pick up these finds for yourself!

Photo credits: Etsy, ModCloth. Please visit each link for individual proprietor attribution. 

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  1. Glenda :

    Thank you very much for featuring my dew drop bangles. It’s my birthday today so it was a wonderful surprise! : D

    • Allison :

      You’re welcome Glenda, they’re gorgeous!

  2. Sheri :

    Cold weather destinations are my ideal! Scandinavia, Alaska, Antarctica. Cute stuff, I especially like the socks.