giveaway winners list!

Here are the winners. Thank you to Excite Books, Family Talk, The Young Scientists Club, Nankeen, Snorg Tees, Macy’s, Jishaku, and The Peanut Shell! These giveaways have been so much fun, I’ve loved reading your comments. I still have a few giveaways left but I’m going to leave them for January. My kids are wrapped around my legs, just waiting for me to get off the computer and start Christmas already! Thanks for entering the contests, get in touch with me if you’ve won, and Happy Holidays!

The winner of the Excite Books Giveaway is

Wow. I love books. I’m a bookworm! This would be soooo cool!

The Young Scientists Club Giveaway Winner is donna444444:

I like the volcanoes.

The Macy’s Gift Card Giveaway Winner is Belinda:

I’m going to be honest – this Macy’s GC would be for me, me, me!

Snorg Tee Giveaway Winner is Emily:

I think the “Pi be rational” shirt is hilarious. My dad would love that one.

The Jishaku Game Giveaway Winner is {littlefam}:

we are the game people! this would be awesome!

The Family Talk Game Giveaway Winner is Poulsen Family

I’ve heard about this and have bookmarked their site because I thought it was such a great idea…maybe just maybe if I keep my fingers crossed you’ll pick me.

The Nankeen Necktie Giveaway Winner is Danielle:

My husband wears a tie eve
ryday, and I never can pick one out for him.
This one? I KNOW he would love! Thanks!!

Peanut Shell Hospital Gown Giveaway Winner is Sarah S:

I’m due in 5 weeks!! This would definitely spice up our dinner conversation… right now we’re just stressing about baby names. This is great :)

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  1. Danielle :


    I’M A WINNER!!!

    Thanks SOOOO much!

    He’s going to LOVE it!!

  2. Poulsen Family :

    Wooo HOOO!! It worked!! Thank you so much, I’m so excited!

    I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!

  3. Belinda :

    Oh yeah! Macey’s here I come! Merry Christmas!

  4. JamericanSpice :

    Wow. This is pretty cool.

    Thank you!

  5. one6ylady :

    Way to go everyone! Enjoy your holiday booty!