Giveaway: The Body Shoppe


Because they love you, and want you to love your body and your baby, The Body Shop is offering up a fabulous giveaway for Petit Elefant readers: A gift package from their luscious new baby-care line, Buriti Baby.  Products are made from natural and organic ingredients like olive oil and aloe vera that are mild and soothing for baby, and ingredients available via Community Trade programs. Good for everyone. You may be tempted to keep these all to yourself.  Package includes: 

Total retail value $57.50.
Giveaway Guidelines:
  • visit The Body Shop and check out the entire Baby Buriti line
  • tell us which product you’d love to try and why
  • leave a comment on this post. just one comment.
  • be sure to include contact info in your comment
  • no anonymous comments, please
  • contest ends Friday, January 23rd at midnight, MST
  • winner will be announced Monday, January 26th right here
  • if you are the randomly chosen winner and fail to respond within 7 days of announcement on this blog, your prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen. 
  • good luck and thank you baby buriti!
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  1. whit :

    I would like to try the body butter – it looks like it would soothe the dry, wintery skin each of my kids is suffering from. It all looks delicious.

  2. Diana Hulme :

    I’d love to try the Buriti Baby Massage Gel – sounds great!

    Diana H.

  3. ang :o) :

    The shampoo because I love all things gentle on my babies beautiful hair.

  4. Annie1 :

    I would love to try the New! Buriti Baby Massage Gel on my new grandson. I love giving little ones massages and this has some wonderful oils in it including almond and grapeseed oils. I found that massaging my babies always relaxed them!


  5. Jenny :

    The body shop is my favorite and my best. I love how concentrated their products are so you don't have to use a quarter of a bottle to get moisturized and smell nice (yes B&BW;, I'm looking at you). I want to try it all.

  6. the emily :

    I have a sister giving birth as we speak and another one going in tomorrow. I would love to win this for one of them!

  7. Melissa :

    I would love to try the body butter. My poor little Adorable’s skin is hating this dry weather!

  8. ashlynn :

    The body butter for sure! My baby gets totally dry skin here in the desert & with summer on its way I could use it!

  9. Azúcar :

    Do I have to give it to my baby vs. keeping it? I guess I should…

  10. Andrea H :

    I would like to try the body wash because it is gentle on babies skin. My boys have such sensitive skin and I think it would be great for them.

  11. Marci :

    I would love to try the Buriti Baby Body Wash, but the body butter looks divine as well!
    marci6tx at msn dot com

  12. Libby Design :

    I think the Buriti Baby Body Butter sounds FABULOUS!! I’d love to try it myself, but I know my kiddos would love it, too. Right now I’m constantly dousing them in lotion as I try to keep their poor little skin from being so dry during the cold winter months. Would love to try these products!!

    libby_design at yahoo dot com

  13. Amber :

    The Baby Organic Washcloth looks so nice! Thank you.

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  14. Wil, Lisa and Alex :

    I’m expecting a baby in 2 weeks so I’d love to try the Buriti Baby Body Wash, it sounds great!

  15. mckay :

    I would love the massage gel. My sweet baby gets tired and fussy in the afternoon. He loves his back rubbed when he is feeling this way.

  16. Ebie :

    oooh the body butter looks nice – my kids might have to let me use it!

  17. Carolyn G :

    I would love to try the body butter. I find I prefer the body butters to the lotions because they help the dry skin better.

  18. judybrittle :

    The body wash would be wonderful for my grandson. He has sensitive skin and this would not irritate his skin.
    Thank you so much!

  19. Thao :

    I would try the Baby body butter because it has natural ingredients and organic olive oil.

    member (dot) thao (at)

  20. The Giveaway Diva :

    i love the look of that body butter! i always love body shops products! yay for them making a baby line!

  21. annalene :

    i like the organic wash cloth, it’s a really cute simple design and of course, it’s organic! it looks super soft and would be something great not only for babies but everyone in the family! such a cute line. oh and thank you for the great giveaway!

  22. Kenna Rogers :

    I would love to try out the body butter with it’s gentle, yet intense moisturizing that protects and soothes delicate skin. Sounds wonderful!

  23. Kim and Nathan :

    I would love to try the lotion. Im just not a conventional J&J; baby lotion type. It all looks good though.

  24. heather :

    Such a great and useful giveaway! Thanks. I love organic cotton towels, they just feel softer. I'd also love to try the shampoo, anything gentle & tear free gets my vote.

  25. Liza767 :

    i would love to try Ginger Shower Gel why cuz i love bath stuff

  26. blythe :

    the body butter sounds yummy! but, i would love to try everything! (blythebray at gmail dot com)

  27. Ferrara Family :

    I love it all from the shampoo, body wash, lotion, massage oil to even the towels.
    My little sister just had a baby girl and I would love to give this to her.

  28. Ashley :

    I would love to try the body butter. I use the body butter for me, and love it. SO, it only makes sense to try it on my little one~
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  29. Janssen :

    That body butter looks great – both my husband and I suffer from dry skin, so our children are probably destined to as well.

  30. Jeanne :

    I would love to try the Buriti Baby Body Butter. When I was pregnant I used the regular body butter and loved it.

  31. vincent :

    I would love to try the body butter. Every night I give my little girl a massage at bedtime and we are always looking for something new to try that will actually help her skin as well as feel great going on!

  32. gbmom2407 :

    I think the Baby Bamboo Hair Brush would be great for my daughter’s hair.
    Happy day.

  33. Hanna :

    What a fun giveaway…I love the Body Shop! People don’t know what great things they do for the world…their products are made by people in other countries, who grow the ingredients, etc., giving them a means to support their families and the Body Shop was the first place to use alternatives to animal testing!

    Anyway…I’m off my soapbox :) My daughter has exema and we are always looking for something gentle to try on her skin. I think she’d love (okay, I’d love it too) the body butter!

  34. Tia :

    The body butter looks fantastic for baby skin! I’d love to win this for my god daughter.

  35. Tuesday Girl :

    I would love to try the shea soap, that brush looks wonderful too!

    tuesdayef (at) aol dot com

  36. Jan :

    Oh, the hairbrush looks wonderful for a baby’s hair. Love it.

  37. dk Buckmaster :

    Brilliant giveaway! The body butter looks the most intriguing to me. I bet it soaks in nicely. I’d love to try it on my 2 week old…and maybe on myself, too!

  38. Run DMT :

    What a great giveaway!

    My girls have such sensitive skin. I would love to try the shampoo. Actually, I would love to try them all, but I guess all start with the shampoo. ;-)

  39. Deb :

    Oh! I would love to try the body butter.

    dcphoto1 AT gmail DOT com

  40. Rachel Leigh :

    I love the body shop! Their products are amazing and they smell so yummy! I definitely would love to try this body butter, it sounds fabulous for helping dry skin on my kids this winter!

  41. emerzim :

    The shampoo looks great. My toddler is very anti shampoo right now so maybe something new to try would help.

  42. butterflyny :

    Another great excuse for me to shop at the body shop!!
    I’d love to try the tear free shampoo with my tot!

  43. kcatlin :

    I’d love to try any of the baby products.

  44. The Letterman's :

    I’d love to try the baby lotion. My little one has dry skin and little KP bumps, love to see if it would help, thanks

  45. Samantha R :

    I would love to try the body butter on my son. He is starting to get very dry skin and this sounds wonderful!
    sras7508 at gmail dot com

  46. Alli :

    I’d love to try the Papaya Foaming Bath. It sounds like it would smell so good!

  47. andrea.roche :

    I’m all about body butter! Yummy!

    acp 389 at gmail dot com

  48. sarah :

    i’d like to have the body wash because my little one has eczema and sensitive skin.

    fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

  49. Mommyhood is Thankless :

    Buriti Baby Shampoo! Sounds awesome!


  50. Lesha :

    Oh I’d love to try the Body Butter, I love their Body Butters! I’d try it on my little G though, of course. And the brush would be lovely. I may have to go get that brush if I don’t win because I so need a brush for G’s hair!

    theazuredrake (at) Yahoo (dot) com

    Thanks for the chance!

  51. Leslie Mingo :

    I would love body butter. It gets so dry here in the winter.

  52. cherice :

    The body butter sounds great because “Buriti Oil is a mild and gentle natural ingredient that helps soothe, soften, and protect the skin against over-drying”. Thanks!!!!

  53. habeshachild :

    definitely the body butter! (wish they had an oil, too – my baby’s skin is so so dry…)

    can’t wait to try it.

    habeshachild at g mail dot com

  54. Bebemiqui :

    The baby shampoo sounds great, I’d love to try that.

  55. Dian Yunita :

    Buriti Baby Massage Gel.
    My nephew Ayya (1 year, 2 months) looks really enjoy when I massage her by traditional oil. I will really love too if she feel more experience with this Buriti Baby Massage Gel. Thanks

  56. Sara L :

    I would love the lotion – it’s so dry here my skin is crying out.

    charles and sara at hotmail dot com

  57. Jenny :

    Oooh. I can’t decide which I’d want to try first. Seeing as we are still in the grips of a very cold, dry winter I guess I would say the Body Butter. Also the shampoo, baby body wash, and the bamboo hairbrush.



  58. Randi :

    I would like to try the lotion. I am always looking for great natural lotion for my little guy. He has sensitive skin, so good kinds are hard to find sometimes.

  59. CMC :

    I’d love the Buriti Baby Massage Gel, because it and grapeseed oil, both of which are rich in essential fatty acids that aid in the repair of the skin’s moisture barrier.

    Great giveaway – thanks!

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  60. Jodi :

    I would love to try the Massage Gel. It sounds so nice! Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. susan :

    All about the body butter. My daughter’s skin always seems to be dry and I’d love to try this!

    susan at persimmonandpink dot com

  62. NSMOM :

    I’d love to try out the shampoo – we only use shampoo on the boys (use the shampoo as soap) and that one looks nice.

    Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  63. Lori :

    I’d love to try it. Crossing my fingers. :)

  64. Belinda :

    I’d love to try the Buriti Baby Body Wash. The Johnsons wash we used to use was so incredibly drying on my daughter’s skin, it made her eczema run wild. This sounds wonderful!

  65. Stacy :

    I’d love to try the body wash to keep my son clean yet soft.


  66. JuicerGirl :

    I’d love to give the Baby Organic Wash Cloth to my nephew because it is organic.

  67. Nemesis :

    My sister is having a baby in a few months and this would be a perfect present! I’m sure it’s all amazing, but that body butter looks especially great.

  68. - Laura :

    i would love to try the buriti baby shampoo ~ looks like a great product.

  69. andrea :

    I would like to try the Buriti Baby Body Wash. I like that it’s proven tear free and mild.
    vickers at comcast dot net

  70. Daybreaking Dickersons :

    I would love the body butter. I know my whole family is dying in this weather dryness.

  71. Kim :

    I have loved the Body Shop for a looooong time and am really excited about this giveaway!
    I have always loved their body butters, and with 3 kids with super dry skin, it would be fantastic for them!

  72. Brooke :

    I’d love to try the Body Wash. I’m sure it’s really lovely. I like Body Shoppe products.

  73. Lovebabz :

    I am digging the baby body butter…I am African American…our babies need the moisture without the greasiness!

  74. joannaonthelake :

    My 6 month old daughter loves it when I give her a nice warm bath so I have to say the Buriti Baby Body Wash is my favorite product from the line, however all the products sound just fantastic! The Buriti Oil in the products sounds so hydrating and gentle for a baby’s or toddlers skin so really all my children (all 3) can benefit from these amazing products from the Body Shoppe! I am so glad I saw your Tweet about the giveaway or I might have missed it! Thank you!

  75. Sassy :

    The hooded towel is so cute! it looks like it would go perfectly with the baby shampoo!

    sstonesifer (at) gmail (dot) com

  76. Lori :

    I would love to try the Baby Buriti Body Butter. It looks so soothing! I love all the products. Being a cancer survivor, I am always looking for products with natural ingredients for my children.

  77. Katy Lin :

    oooooo! i LOVE body butter – the whole package sounds great! please count me in!

    katylinvw (at) yahoo (dot) com

  78. Heather Sitarzewski :

    Oh! I personally love their body butter products and my little one is so dry. I bet this would be awesome for his skin with the same benefits of body butter but without the perfumes. I’d love to win and try it! Thanks for the post! (@TorryBelle)

  79. Kim :

    I totally need the body butter. REALLY BAD!

  80. Kendall and Lee'sa :

    The organic shampoo for sure! I’m all about keeping the bad stuff off baby and putting the all natural stuff on. Honestly, I’d also love to have one of the organic wash cloths for washing my own face daily as well!

  81. Melissa :

    Oh goodness, what a wonderful giveaway!! Pick me, pick me.

  82. Stacey :

    It’s a toss up for me; both my younger kids have very sensitive skin…soap can be an irritant, and they both have dry skin…toss between the body wash and butter cream!

  83. Durrett Family Band :

    Definitely the body butter. My little guy’s cheeks and elbows get so chapped here in the winter.

  84. Malaika :

    I would love to try the massage gel because I´ve been reading all about the benefits of massaging your baby.

  85. Leah :

    The Buriti Baby Body Wash looks sooo soothingly magical and perfect for our sweet’um! : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  86. Lisa :

    UGH! The pressure! I NEED to try them all. My little one is going through an ugly faze… :( Wait… how bad is it that I just called my sweet boy out?! LOL! .. Well pretty or ugly, he’s all mine.