Giveaway: BabyPop Super Hero Set

Remember these fabulous Super Hero capes from last week? BabyPop is generously giving away a custom made cape and matching mask to a lucky Petit Elefant reader. Custom made. Your choice–from loads of options. Super cool for your super cute super hero or super heroine or super princess. 

Giveaway Guidelines
  • Visit BabyPop’s shop on Etsy
  • tell us what superpower you’d most like to have
  • leave a comment on this post. just one comment
  • include contact/email info in your comment
  • no anonymous comments please
  • contest ends Friday, February 6th at midnight, MST
  • winner TBA Monday, February 9th 
  • if your name is chosen and you fail to respond within 7 days, a new winner will be chosen
  • good luck and many thanks to Sherry at BabyPop
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  1. Jan :

    Oh, fun!! I love the Princess cape. My super power of choice would be the ability to stretch time. Oh, how I could use that one!

  2. Kim :

    I would love this: 1 Childrens Capes Custom Superhero Kid Cape and 1 Mask My hubby would really get a kick out of this.

  3. gmistudio :

    This is so fun!!! i love Childrens Capes Custom Superhero Kid Cape and 1 Mask , this a perfect valentine gift for my son… i would love to have a blue cape with the letter G, his name is Giancarlo. thank you !!

    gisellamancheno at hotmail dot com

  4. Kim :

    So cute- I love the kids capes! The power I’d love to have – is the power to ask someone to do something and have them do it the first time! Thanks for the fun contest.

  5. Kage :

    been eyeing these for a while, for the superheroes in my life!

    kristy at kristyglass dot com

  6. ashley marie :

    I love so many of those items from her shop! I would love it if I could have unlimited amounts of energy, but also the ability to turn off my energy so I could sleep very soundly!!

  7. the emily :

    I would want teleportation. So nice to just appear in the Cayman Islands on a cold snowy day…


  8. Jeanne :

    I would love the ability to read people’s minds. Love these capes!

  9. Missy :

    i would love to be able to control time.. speed up the diaper changing and dish washing and slow down the playtime..


  10. --r :

    I’d love to be able to do/move things with my mind. I’m imagining all the things I could reach without a stool now…


  11. Maiz :

    You cannot imagine how much my 4 year old would love that cape and mask!

    I have always said flying would be my top choice for superpower, but as soon as I had babies, I started having Elastigirl fantasies. Being able to reach something across the room or in another room would be an amazing Mama super power!

  12. CC :

    I would like to have the power to get my children to sleep! I have not really, really slept in months!

    Her shop is wonderful! My 2 year old has been trying to tie any blanket he can find around him lately to be SuperBaby to the Rescue! So having one of these would be exciting for him, and definitely more safe than some of the things he tries to tie on himself :)

    keepingmyfingerscrossed at hotmail dot com

  13. Leslie Mingo :

    I love Children Capes Custom Superhero Kid Cape and 1 Mask

  14. Melissa :

    Lately my toddler has been pretending to be “Super Bunny”! This little kiddo needs some super hero gear :) For a super power I would love the ability to make my toddler sleep!

  15. Annie1 :

    What a fun wee shoppe! I love the Love vs Hate Black Adult Fingerless Gloves!

    These are so much fun!

    If I could have a super power I think that it would be to spread respect for others to all people in this world.


  16. Pamela :

    My grandkids love to dress up…I would have to let them pick. I did like the Custom Superheor kid capes and the masks.

    Neat stuff.

    pscole3467 at gmail dot com

  17. Abby :

    Love the batman mask! My daughter has asked if she can have a Violet costume from The Incredibles. Would love something like that!

    ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

  18. Tylerpants :

    What cute capes! My super power would be to be invisible!


  19. lacey :

    the custom superhero cape is PERFECT for my little superman!
    with the letter E!

  20. thelyttlesinpa :

    My super power would be the power to speak softly and still be heard! Your give-away is fabulous. Thanks!!

  21. Heather :

    I love the Childrens Capes Custom Lighten bolt Kid Cape!
    And my super power would be to FLY!

  22. Heather :

    I love these capes. If I could have a superpower…it would be to grow extra arms. My 4 yr old gave me the idea when I said…give me a minute…I only have two hands, and she said…I know…your not an octopus…you don’t have 8 arms. Made me smile.

  23. Heather :

    I would love to have the Super Hero capes for my son! Love her site!
    My super power would be to get everyone to Heaven! ;)

    heatherldt at bellsouth dot net

  24. LeeAnn :

    I love these superhero costumes. My little boy would get a kick out of it! If I had one superhero power it would be to slow down time and really enjoy those special moments, you know?

  25. andrea v :

    my son would ove the Kid Bat Mask and cape.
    vickers at comcast dot net

  26. ecky :

    i love the custom capes!
    if i had a superpower i would love to travel through time and space!
    that would be cool!!!

    elkesten at yahoo dot com

  27. moushka :

    Love the teepees! I would choose the Princess cape.

    My power would be to be able to keep an eye on my girls any time I wanted/needed to.

  28. Steph :

    My kids would love these! My super power would probably be invisibility. I’d love to know what people say and do when I’m not around.

  29. Danetta :

    my son would love this! he is always pretending to be a superhero. if i could have a super power, i would want the power to control time. that way i could speed through the house chores and slow down the family together time.


  30. yabby :

    I’d love the power to have my kids learn right from wrong without any whine.

    This is a really fun one, thanks for the contest!

  31. Janet :

    How CUTE!!!

    My most desired superpower would be the ability to go without sleep. I need every extra hour I can get!

    lecaffeinatrix [at] gmail dot come

  32. Kenna Rogers :

    The super power of my choice would be to twinkle my nose (like on Bewitched) and get my house all cleaned up! Talk about saving some time for the computer!!

  33. Kimm :

    I absolutely love everything she has on her etsy store. My four year old would DIE with a pink princess cape. (I love the fingerless gloves too!!)
    I think my superpower would have to be the power to read minds.

  34. Kathleen W. :

    The Supreme Superhero sets are great! Love those fingerless gloves…

    My superpower would be doing two things at once. I could be doing blog stuff and knitting or taking care of my baby at the same time!

  35. Veronica :

    my oldest son who is about to turn 4 would go nuts over these capes! If I had super powers, i would love to have the power to turn grumpy/whining children into happy little angels…Is that asking to much? haha!
    Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  36. Sara L :

    I would probably get DS a custom super hero cape – he’s my fav 2 year old super hero!

    charles and sara at hotmail dot com

  37. liv :

    what a great idea! they are so original. My daughter would love the magnificent princess. In her words, “I need that.” – Olivia,

  38. Qtpies7 :

    My little man desires nothing more than being a super hero! He won’t sleep without one in his hand.

    I would love to have super speed so I can whip through my housework in seconds, get my blogging done, and have plenty of time with my family!

  39. Steph :

    I’d love to be Supermom, able to change a diaper, make a healthy meal, and sew handmade cape in the blink of an eye, but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen so if I win at least I will have the handmade cape!

  40. David Jarrett :

    I think id like to have the Superman one. Because id give it to my nephew who just turned two and on the day of his birthday we found out he has leukemia. So id like superman because he’s strong and i know he will fight through this.

  41. Mama Zen :

    I love the lightning bolt cape! And, if I could choose a superpower, I would definitely choose teleportation!

  42. Lesha :

    How neat. The super power I’d like to have is the ability to be multiple places at once, so I could work, get groceries and still never have to feel guilty for leaving my little guy with someone else.

    I’d love to get a cape with a G on it for my G-man. His super power by the way is just being so darn cute!

    theazuredrake (at) yahoo(dot)com

  43. Deborah :

    I would like to be able to move things with my mind. That seems like it would be an awesome super power.

  44. Blake and Laura :

    I like the guitar hero cape. We don’t have the game but my son has an electric guitar toy that he loves. My dream super power would be incredible speed.

  45. Mommyhood is Thankless :

    I would love to be able to be invisible, maybe I could use the bathroom by myself :D


  46. noreen :

    the pink custon princess cape, I have a little princess who would love it

  47. ErinJeany :

    I love the capes! If I could have any super power it would be telepathy! Thank you!

    Twitter: @erinjeany

  48. noreen :

    I forgot about my super power it would be super hearing

  49. Aura :

    I would love to be able to duplicate myself when my kids are all screaming and when I want to take a nap but still have to take care of them. My 5 year old always seems to use his superpowers to disappear when I need him.
    aahaft at gmail dot com

  50. Brooke :

    I’d most like to stop time. Then I could get a really good night’s sleep. :) This is a great shop!

  51. Mommy Lisa :

    the Magnificent Princess cape set is soooooo cute!!! my boo boo would love any of it though- we love dressup! My super power would be the ability to get anywhere I needed to with a blink of an eye!

  52. Katie W. :

    These are so fun, I love the magnificent princess cape. If I could have a super power it would be to be able to see the future.
    katieheninger at hotmail dot com

  53. Angie :

    omg… my daughter is obsessed with Zoom and so wants a princess outfit…so she would love to get the princess cape… i would so love to have the ability to move things with my mind…think of how easy housework would be!!!

  54. Azúcar :

    My superhero would love a new look!


  55. Eric :

    My daughter would just love a Princess one with a big letter “M” on it!


  56. Stef4916 :

    I would choose the Spider Cape! Very imaginative!

  57. Jenna :

    I love the Wonder Kid Cape in blue. These are so cute!
    frog123 (at) cyipcom (dot) net

  58. Lisa S :

    I would love to win a A Supreme Superhero Pack.
    My super power would be to spin like a tornado and clean my home in seconds!!! ; )))

  59. kerri69 :

    These are great my fav is the pink princess cape My superhero power would be To have be able to turn myself into 7 people to be able to be at certain places all the time

  60. CC :

    I love the Wonder kid style! My super power would be to get everything done in a day!! If I won this it would be great for my blog! Check out the title of my blog to see why! ;)

  61. Heather :

    Those are cute!
    My super power wish: invisibility.

  62. The Bee Hive :

    I love this, my son is just now getting into super heros! I love the Custom Superhero Kid Cape! Jodi

  63. Jesica :

    I would SO love to win a superhero kid cape! My son’s 5th bday is coming up and he’d love it!

    I’d like the super power of stopping time around me. Maybe I could get the house clean. lol

    pixiemarierose at gmail dot com

  64. whit :

    All the kids’ capes are perfect. I think the super power I would want would be the power to make merry. So everyone would be the perfect type of cheerfull all the time.