baby binkie clips.

It’s time for another giveaway!

Baby Bintz is giving away one of their
adorable burp cloths
& a coordinating binkie clip.
The ultra soft chenille
backing will absorb any baby urps &
keep you stylish along the way.
Good luck!

Please leave a comment about why you need
this fabulous, adorable, & stylish
burp cloth
& binkie clip.
{Thank you, Carlie!}
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  1. Cicada :

    I have no child now, but we want to start off our family with twins, which apparently involves eating a lot of sweet potatoes. So whether the burbing cloth goes in my future-baby treasure chest, or whether I use it when I reach my sweet potato limit and start spitting up myself, I’m pretty sure I need one.

  2. bekka :

    Why do I need this fabulous, adorable, & stylish stuff? Well because maybe there is hope for one of us! :)

  3. Natalie :

    I turn 36 tomorrow, and am convinced that my child-bearing years are past. Or, at least I was convinced, until I saw the supreme adorableness that is the burp cloth and binky clip. I think it may be some sort of sign…

  4. Mandy :

    Little Allie needs this burp cloth because all her other ones are hand-me-downs from her big sister Laney!

  5. Hil'Lesha :

    I like things that are fabulous,, adorable, and stylish. :)

  6. Kristen :

    Do I really NEED this set? Well, no, I guess not. But, I would LOVE it if it were mine!

  7. Sarah S :

    Those are DARLING!! Eli is in desperate need of a burp cloth, and we can give the girl version to his favorite baby friend.

  8. Tori :

    I would love to win because I would give it to my sister who is having a baby after two years of trying… and it’s her first girl!! Wahoo!

  9. tara :

    I am exactly halfway through my first pregnancy today, seems like a good enough reason to celebrate with something as cute as these.

  10. pjwog :

    I am due with no. 6 any day and you know after 5 anything new and cute is fun. Plus I have lots of friends having babies who I would highly recommend this little set too, future business is always nice. Thanks!

  11. babyleila :

    Who wouldn’t want those stylish burp cloths and binky clips??? Spitting up wouldn’t be so bad if it was on something as awesome as that!