gift guide for girls #1

holiday gift guide for girls


gifr guide for girls
  1. nail polish
  2. yearly calendar
  3. printmaking kit
  4. bath and body works shower gel


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  1. Erin :

    That Dazzle Dry stuff is incredible! My friend was refinishing her kitchen and her mani was still going strong after the renovation was complete! I was amazed, needless to say.

  2. Emily W. :

    I don’t know why none of your gift guides have been showing up in my Google reader…but I’m glad they’re working here!

    • Kate L. :

      Yeah, my feed in Reader has been screwy for a week or so – images aren’t showing up at all. Did something change, Allison?

  3. vanessa :

    Oh my my girls need that printmaking kit. What fun finds! Ok also I am sitting on the back porch in costa rica right now listening to the waves. just killing time while I wait for the kiddos to fall asleep. Miss Allison…listen to me…THIS IS PARADISE. GET READY. Oh you are going to have the time of your life miss, the time of your life.

  4. vanessa :

    ok just did some birthday shopping for next year. i honest to goodness just bought every kit from eye can art. cannot wait.

  5. KB :

    I would have to completely agree with buying a planner for girls/women. I get one every year around this time and it makes me so happy! I love being organized and planners and calendars are my favorite accessory!

    I love your blog and read it daily. Thanks for all your tips and tricks!

    KB @