{from the archives} sea glass.

*this is a re-posting from the archives. enjoy*

I have a weakness for sea glass. I’ve been collecting it since I was a teenager and serendipitously stumbled upon my first piece while beach combing in Monterey Bay, California. Want to see my first piece ever?

How cute is it that I found a heart? It was love at first sight.

Do you know about sea glass? People look at me sideways when I tell them I collect it in little jars all around my house. Sea glass is actual glass that has washed ashore after being tumbled and polished by the ocean.

It’s beautiful, and unique. And each piece in my collection has come one at a time, painstakingly collected on beaches across the west coast. I love it. It makes me happy. It reminds me of the ocean, of beach combing, of my children running across the sand yelping into the salty air.

It’s my happy place.

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  1. Tiffany :

    Beautiful! What a great thing to collect.

  2. The Breeders Digest :

    Color me sea glass green with envy. It is with much bitter resignation that I live in the oceanless Midwest! I went to college on the East Coast and some of my favorite times were collecting sea glass in Cape Cod.

  3. The Peterson Family :

    I LOVE sea glass! Living in Hawaii my kids and I are scouring the beach for it all the time. I have a little collection in a jar, but glass is hard to come by there, so I settle for cool shells, too. Someday I'll have a collection like yours!

  4. KIM :

    How cool, thanks for showing us some of your collection.

  5. Annie1 :

    Living on an island on the west coast, I've been a sea glass lover for my entire life!

    There is a beach here called "Glass Beach" and its completely covered in sea glass!

    My daughter makes jewellery out of it as well!

    Your first piece is a keeper; how beautiful is that?

  6. Trainer Momma :

    I love the idea of the sea glass right in the middle of your books. It is beautiful. I too comb the beaches I visit for just the perfect sea glass with the right colors and combos. It is fun to see the kids finding it along me and begin to use their discerning eye…

  7. Whimsical Creations :

    I adore beach glass! What a wonderful collection you have.

    BTW…I still have not received my GC info to Stella and Dot.

    =D melanie

  8. Kami :

    Wow what a neat collection! Next time I am on a beach, I will look for you.

  9. Petit Elefant :


    I mean, it's not practical, but pretty things rarely are.


    No problem!

    The Breeders Digest,

    I'm in Utah, but every time we go anywhere NEAR an ocean I'm on the rocks/sand digging…

    The Peterson Family,

    This collection is seriously like 15 years in the making. Living in Utah hampers my collecting a bit.


    Going to sea glass beach has long been on my bucket list. We were planning on it this summer on our road trip but now the state of California has made it illegal to collect! RUDE.

    Trainer Momma,

    My kids have totally been brainwashed, er, I mean trained in the art of collecting.

    Whimsical Creations,

    Isn't it the best? It's honestly relaxing for me just to look at it.


    I'll pay you to collect for me. Seriously.

  10. noreen :

    I love collecting it too, not that I get a chance very often, it has been years since I was on a beach that any sea glass

  11. Petit Elefant :


    Maybe that's why I love it so much: it's a novelty and a luxury!

  12. Petit Elefant :


    Those are two happy things in my life: David Sedaris books and sea glass. They go well together, no?

  13. MostlyFlumxd :

    I love sea glass, living by the sea I collect it when I find it. I love your collection in the skinny vase snuggles up to David Sedaris!