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It’s Friday, and we all made it to the end of the week!  I shouldn’t say that in a surprised tone of voice, but I just did.  Sometimes making it all the way to Friday in one piece is straight up miraculous.  This feels like one of those weeks, and I don’t know why.  What I do know is that I’m going to see Thor tonight, and you can’t stop me no matter who you are.  Name that movie, I’m ashamed to say I’ve watched it.  Mostly I’m going to see Thor for the … costumes.  And the … Asgardians, maybe a little bit for Chris Hemsworth.  Actually the real truth *cough, cough* is that I’m doing it for the kids, because I love them and they need a reward not stabbing anyone in the face this week.

So what happened this week?  Well, it’s time for a Friday news roundup + some maps.  I think you’ll like.


handlettered map


travel essentials


  • My genius friend Maile, maker of my favorite cute camera bags, launched a new section of her site, Daily // Epiphanie.  This week one of her daily epiphanies was 4 Travelers // 3 Essentials, a small compilation of mandatory travel essentials from 4 avid travelers, including yours truly.  The image above was created by the ever clever Kal Barteski; you should totally check her out.
  • Maile’s list of travelers also included two smartypants good friends of mine, Alli and Karen, as well as a new-to-me blogger Holly Burns from Nothing But Bonfires.  I don’t know where I’ve been hiding (under a rock?  my duvet covers?) but Holly is a truly gifted writer with an ethereal style of writing that will make you wish you lived on a moor in England somewhere.  Maybe just me.  (I’m so grateful to be in the company of such talented smart women!)
  • Another girlfriend Holly Lesue, and her graphic designer husband David Lesue started a Kickstarter project: Stately Type.  David is wicked talented, as you can see from the above hand-lettered United States project he’s trying to get funded.  Get some gorgeous graphic design for all your loved ones this holiday season by funding this kickstarter in the form of a letter-pressed map,  t-shirts, tote bags, and giclée prints.  YOU GUYS.  I want all of it.  The travelers and state-pride-loving friends and family in your life deserve something beautiful.  I’m off to fund now, I’m dying for one of those multicolored giclée prints for my next remodel project: the horrible awful master bedroom from hell.  Hurry, go help get David Lesue funded all the way, every little bit counts and you absolutely won’t regret being a part of this.
  • I write over at Babble weekly where I openly condoned stealing from your children, and last week shared an amazing recipe for all the leftover Snickers you’re swiping from your kids Halloween candy while they’re at school.  Your kids might not hate you (as much) for stealing their chocolate (they might even thank you!) if you make this recipe for Candy Bar Trifle.  I’m just saying.

That’s it!  Next week I’ll let you know how Thor goes.  (Hint: it will be awesome, nothing else is possible with Hemsworth on the big screen.)  Have a great weekend!

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