fine hair accessories for women.

I’m blessed with rather healthy hair, though it was wrought many a bad hair day in my life. From various stylists I’ve been told my hair is too slippery for styling, too straight to be curled, to wavy to be straightened, my widow’s peak is so severe I must always wear bangs, and that my cowlick is so severe I couldn’t do bangs.  What’s a busy mom to an active toddler to do with such tresses? Two words: hair accessories.

I’ve done business with Francluxe (a.k.a. The Finest Accessories) in the past so I may be a bit partial, but truly I love their endless line of luxury hair accessories.  Beautiful tortoiseshell barrettes and clips made in a tiny village in Provence, France. Gorgeous  headbands covered in imported silks, snappy little ponytail holders bedecked with beads and flowers. Something for every head shape, every hair type, and all ages. A few favorites:
the tige boule barrettes are ideal for fine hair, little girls, and growing out bangs. I love these happy little flowers for little girls.
The silk scarf headbands come in dozens of stunning colors and patterns of silk, duipioni, even eyelet and velvet. Lightweight and without pinchers or grips they are headache-free. This coral print is modern and refreshing.
For very thick hair, these volume barrettes are salvation, with many styles in both silk-covered and tortoise shell, like this traditional luxe color.
And for ponytails that make a splash, that look a bit more polished than that old black elastic or knit, [gasp] scrunchie, the Cinderella pony is one of my favorites!
Not only does the company, owned and operated almost entirely by women, focus on quality made products, they are also involved in a wonderful philanthropic project for those battling cancer. I could spend a very long time browsing their extensive collection. Here’s to good hair days every day.
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  1. Danielle :

    I love these! Especially the scarf headbands!!


  2. Aimee @ Smiling Mama :

    We must have the same hair! Seriously, my hair is so fine. Literally people tell me I need to color it just to damage it so it would be easier to style. But, then they also say the color is so pretty that people pay lots of money to get my color. So…why in the world would I color it?

    I’ll have to check out a few of these items!