Five simple ways to throw a great party

// Today’s post: five simple ways to throw a great party from guest blogger and event + party planner Aly Brooks, one of the sweetest and most talented girls I know.  Aly co-owns an event planning business in Utah and knows how to throw a seriously great party.  Today she’s here to share five of her top tips for putting together an amazing party, in a way even party rookies like me can understand. – Allison //


how to throw a party
1. Ways to choose a great color scheme and theme for your party


The pros know that selecting and sticking with a color scheme is simply Über important.  It makes everything look planned and seamless and believe it or not, actually makes your life easier.  When you stay within a color scheme, there are fewer decisions to make since you are only going to select items for your party that work with your scheme (find out more about selecting your party color scheme). There are many things that might influence your theme selection like, the guest of honor, the season, or a holiday.  But remember, you are always free to add your own touches to the theme.  As you create your party be sure to constantly ask yourself, “does this work with my color scheme and theme?”  If it doesn’t, just walk away.


five ways to host a party
2. Great invitations – Your party invitations are your first impression


Your party invitations should be nice, but there is no need to be extravagant.  After all, they will certainly end up in the waste basket in the near future.  Ask a friend who knows Photoshop to design them for you using your colors and theme.  A custom-looking invitation makes your guest feel important.  If there is a guest of honor, it can be nice to include a photograph as part of the design.


5 simple ways to throw a great party
3. Keep a List – A great party include lots and lots of fun details


Keep a notebook handy while planning. It’s important to have a place to write down ideas, contact information, and a list of things to do.  Cross things off when you get them done and carry it with you everywhere you go; you never know when a friend will share a great contact or inspiration might strike.  An organized party, is a great party.  You may also want to use a party planner like this one: how to plan a party.


how to throw a great party
4. Details –  The magic is in the details!


The little touches really make all the difference between a pretty good shindig and a great party.  Things like, what sizes table linens to use, customized decor, and even lighting.  It’s a good idea to cover tables to the floor (consult our chart to know what linens to use).  Some type of customized party decor is also a good idea.  This could mean a burlap banner with the age of the child in glittered numbers on it, framed photographs of the guest of honor, or an image of the theme on the food label cards; the possibilities really are endless.  Great party decor is customized to feature a client’s catch phrase.


how to throw a great party
5. Party Favors – Everyone loves leaving a party with a little something special.  We love the idea of letting guests know how important they are to us by sending them off with something to remember us by.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, you just have to put thought into it.   Find a fun way to thank your guests for coming; be clever, be creative, let them know you care.
5 simple ways to throw a great party

ways to throw a great party

Aren’t these five fun ways to plan a party so great? There’s always beauty in simplicity, and I’m grateful the world is full of people who know how to do things like this so they can teach people like me the tricks of their trade. Thanks Aly!

// About Aly Brooks and Entirely Eventful : Aly has been an event planner for over five years.  Organizing everything from triathlons to events for major corporations, Aly is passionate about details, logistics, and making stuff pretty.  Aly’s company Entirely Eventful is a boutique event management company that provides complete planning, consulting and supervision services for all sorts of events. They produce fresh and creative projects that exceed client expectations. //
Stepford Wives themed dinner party hosted by Entirely Eventful
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