First day back to school fashion

first day of school fashion

I think by now we’ve established the fact that my kids, much like myself, do what they want when it comes to style.  In life too, actually.  Rules are meant to be broken, you’re-not-the-boss-of-me, and all that business.  First day back to school fashion is no exception, and I’ve learned to roll with it.

Precocious started Junior High this year (sob, wail) and decided to kick her fashion up a notch.  The night before the first day of school I asked her if she wanted any help putting outfits together for the week (I’ll never learn) to which she choked on her drink and responded, ‘Uh, no thanks mom, I’ve got it covered.’

curly hair blazer and skinny jeans

I love what she put together:

  • newsboy cap: fashion district NYC
  • white tank top: Old Navy
  • blue 3/4 sleeve blazer: Salvation Army
  • matryoshka doll pendant: Claire’s Boutique
  • skinny jeans: Target
  • mismatched socks: unknown origin
  • two-tone ballet flats: Target
  • messenger bag: hand-me-down from neighbor
first day fashion

Charming took a page from his sister’s book for his first day of second grade.  He put together a special combination of stripes and plaid in Fall colors, explaining to me very patiently how they match perfectly.  I think it had something to do with shapes and the nature of perpendicular striping, but I was too distracted by his adorable earnestness to pay attention to the particulars.

What really matters about Charming’s outfit is how proudly he’s wearing it, and just how little he cares about what anyone else thinks.  Man, I love this kid.

ready for school

On Charming:

  • striped knit polo: Old Navy
  • plaid shorts: TJ Maxx
  • backpack: Lands’ End
  • white socks: Hanes
  • light up sneakers: Kmart

Happy first day back to school!  I hope the year is amazing for all of you.

— What makes good first day back to school fashion for you?  I’m pretty sure I was all about the matchy-matchy business, but my kids have proven that’s pretty irrelevant.–


life is a special occasion

This post was sponsored by Hallmark.  I’m thrilled to be partnering with them in 2012 as part of their “Life Is a Special Occasion” campaign. As always all stories, opinions, and willfully disobedient children are my own.

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  1. Gina M. :

    LOVE how you let your kids be individuals when it comes to having their own style. I also appreciate how your daughter is completely age appropriate and modest but, very stylish! That is rare these days. :)

  2. Bryn @ Away at Home Mom :

    My daughter isn’t even 1 year old yet and this post had me welling up. I know the day will be here before I know it that she’s mismatching her socks in jr high. Here’s to hoping my kid is as cool as yours.

  3. Katie E :

    I love their fashion choices! Sometimes I have to fight the urge to force my kids to change, but I’ve always told them that if they don’t have a problem with hearing what someone might say to them and they’re comfortable, they can wear what they want (as long as it’s appropriate obviously). And now they have their own styles!

  4. Rik :

    I’ve always loved this about you and your blog. Live and let live! I also happen to think your kids are some of the CUTEST kids I’ve ever seen! Love that buttoned all-the-way-to-the-top shirt on Mr. Charming. :)

  5. Kelley :

    She is gorgeous and by the looks of it not a little girl any more!

  6. Natalie :

    I just can’t say it enough: I LOVE THAT GIRL

  7. dgm :

    I love that each has style confidence, and I love their choices. Precocious with the blazer–so classy and stylin’, and not what you see on most middle schoolers. (My 14 y.o. also has a penchant for elegant style and vintage-y things over sexxxed up. It’s awesome.) And Charming’s spot on with those patterns. Clearly he’s learned from some experts around the house!

  8. Jessica :

    Oh I love it, I love that they both have their own sense of style and wear what they want to wear.

  9. dylanjenelle :

    very cool blog/ even cooler mom
    way to develop your children’s independence and individuality
    very respectable, thank you

  10. Monica :

    Woah. That hair. THAT HAIR. Gorgeous..

  11. Laura :

    Love their style! I, as well, wear mismatched socks every day. :)

    • Allison :

      And I’m sure you rock them Laura!