felt project

There is something about working with felt that is very tempting to me. Maybe that’s why this post caught my eye. 

This looks like a very cute, very clever project. Perhaps a tad more complicated than my craft-skill-level, but I’m tempted to give it a shot. A lovely tree with different foliage (or not) and surroundings that can be changed according to seasons. Found via OhDeeDo, who discovered it via The Toby Show

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  1. Petit Elefant :

    I think you underestimate your crafting ability. You could totally do this!

  2. Sarah :

    Love, love, love! That is beautiful. I’m really starting to see a lot of felt projects lately. Felt is making a comeback! Or, did it never really go away?

  3. jen :

    what a good classroom idea!

  4. Jonah Lisa :

    Thanks for the link, KJ! It was really easy to make. Check out The Artful Parent for a variation on the leaves (that I wish I’d thought of!) that looks much quicker and easier though .

  5. Donna :

    I love this tree! How fun for the kids on Thanksgiving!