Favorite Things for Fall

Fall Favorite Title

Happy first day of fall! Though I tend to resist the end of Summer sun and fun, I admit I always welcome this change into the fall season.  I’m ready for cooler temperatures, to pack my  flip flops away and inhale some crisp fresh air. I’m ready for the football games and pumpkins and the dappled golden-gray light of autumn afternoons. Fall is like a reset button for wardrobe, my home, and my soul. It’s a giant pause, a breathing deep and a settling in. Here are a few favorite things for this season. You know, besides pumpkin chocolate chip bread and caramel apple cider.

First, these gorgeous bags from  Humble Hilo  keep tempting me. I’ve swooned over them  for months and I think it’s time for one to find its way into my hands. The cool nubby texture, broad patterns, rich colors and luxe touches of leather make it a great fall accessory.  Plus, every purchase funds  women and children in impoverished countries.  I love that sort of thing. IMG_9815_1024x1024

Next, I’m very attached to my old suede riding boots–I’ve had the same pair for about 8 years–and my worn leather booties.  But Fall is a great time to dust off the cowboy boots. Summer is sometimes too hot for them, Spring and Winter sometimes too wet. But this time of year I pull them on over favorite faded skinnies with a flowy top for an easy outfit with a bit of swagger.

Fall Favorites Cowboy Boots

When it comes to getting cozy on a blustery evening, a good British drama makes perfect company. Poldark is back, finally, for it’s second season, and I just have to know if Ross can be saved. Will he and Demelza ever find happiness? Will the nasty Warleggans get their comeuppance? It’s good stuff.  From Masterpiece Theater on PBS, of course.

Fall favorites poldark

While some gals like to go bold and deep with their makeup in the fall, neutral lips like the gorgeous Gen Nude Buttercream glosses from Bare Minerals are perfect for a subtly sexy look.  These have a lovely texture in several pretty shades to choose from, like “Tantalizing”  and “Forbidden. “Snarky” is my personal favorite, likely because of the name.Bare Minerals Lip Gloss Forbidden

Lastly, fall  blooming flowers like these bright mums, breathe new life into my withered summer flower pots. In colors like burgundy, orange, golden yellow and purple, they inexpensively add  a welcoming touch to the doorstep, kitchen counter or coffee table. They also make a thoughtful gift for a friend, neighbor or teacher.  Toss a few pumpkins in the mix for an extra cheery presentation.

Fall mums


I could go on, but I’ll stop there.  What do you love most about the season right now?


*This post is not sponsored in any way, by any business or other entity. All thoughts and opinions are sincerely my own, just for the sake of sharing happy things. For more of what we love, go here and here and here.


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