Fashion trends that need to die

Today on Babycenter I’m sharing some fashion trends that need to die, at least according to my picky stylist self.  I’ve tried to keep myself in check, holding on to my opinions because what people wear is none of my nevermind, but there are just some things I needed to get off my chest.

fashion trends that need to die

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  1. Deborah :

    But without spiky shoes how will we fend of weasel invasions? lol What a fun little post.

  2. Emily :

    Hahaha so true! Though I will slightly sheepishly admit that I made a mullet skirt today but don’t worry it’s for Halloween.

  3. Rainey :

    Mullet skirt. I like that descriptive name MUCH better than “high/low Maxi”. I’ve been trying to tell my preteen that these skirts are something I think of when I picture Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. BEFORE she hooks up (pun intended), with Richard Gere. Juuuuuuust ugly, with no redeeming qualities. And those pants? Ugh. The sad part is, I’m sure my daughter will weasel her way into one or the other, because I did the same thing 20 years ago. Why didn’t they STAY dead? That’s what I want to know.