Everything You Hoped For (And More!) In Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones is one of the most lovable, relatable female characters in books and film from the last 20 years, so you can imagine Bridget Jones fans everywhere (or maybe just me) were wary about the new 3rd installment in the series.  How can you really improve the ending from the second book and movie?  I mean, #MRDARCY4LYFE.  But take my word for it: this might be the best Bridget Jones movie yet.

bridget jones diary

The movie opens with Bridget, predictably alone again, on her 40th birthday.  All her previously wild and fun #singleton friends are now #smugmarrieds and Bridget is left with no one to celebrate her entrance into (almost) middle age.  Womp, womp.

In true Bridget Jones fashion though, things get hilarious instantly after that.  Check out the trailer to see what I’m talking about.


I went to see a preview screening of Bridget Jones’s Baby a few weeks ago for a girls’ night out with some girlfriends, none of whom had seen the first two Bridget Jones movies or knew what to expect.  We were all nearly hysterical with laughter from the opening scene until the credits rolled, and at one point I had to pull out the tissues to wipe away tears of mirth.  I personally think it was funnier than both previous movies, with a bit of tender sweetness about the life lessons gleaned from getting older.


bridget jones's baby movie

Renée Zellweger played an older Bridget pitch perfect, with Colin Firth’s reserved Mr. Darcy and Patrick Dempsey as the smooth American, adding just enough color to keep the story fresh and sweet and totally hilarious.

mr darcy

I genuinely loved the movie and can’t wait to see it again.  Grab your nearest and dearest singleton or smug married friends and go see the movie immediately.  It opens in theaters tomorrow, Friday September 16th.  Grab your tickets here.

For more behind-the-scenes of Bridget Jones’s Baby check out the Facebook page, and follow on Twitter + Instagram.  Go, Bridget Jones, go!


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  1. Lilia Vanini :

    I went to see this movie and I almost die laughin, is soooooooooooooo funny, to me is the best of the three Bridget Jones!!!
    I love Bridget!!!!!!