End The Fat Talk Part Two Think Positive!

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So, fat talk. Where are we with that?

This time of year can be especially toxic when it comes to body loathing. So many treats! Holiday bloat, ugh. Whatever, it happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t have to turn in to a war on your psyche if your pants are a little snug after a few days of indulging. If you’ve got some weight loss or health goals for the New Year, you have my full support. Get healthy, go on and be your best self, whatever that looks like!  But do it the right way. Don’t cut yourself where it can hurt the most.  The answer lies is in positivity. There is nothing about self-hate that can motivate a person to being happy with who they see in the mirror. I think back on some of the things I’ve said about myself and to myself and I’m horrified. We are our own worst critics

63% of women surveyed admitted to engaging in fat talk at least once a week and I’m willing to bet that in truth, that number is even higher. Disturbing, right? I’m guilty, I’ve done it, and it sucks. I hate that part of being a girl.

Special K wanted to prove a point so they set up a scenario where they filled a store with signs featuring actual fat talk from real women. Seeing that kind of language and negativity in print and on screen will make your jaw drop. Watch it and see what I mean.

Let’s end this nonsense. Half the battle is being conscious of what you’re saying and how that can affect not only you, but the people you’re closest with as well. Am I right? You know it.  I’m in the middle of raising a daughter, and a son for that matter. Let’s not kid ourselves; boys aren’t immune to these kinds of awful comparisons. I won’t be having that kind of negativity in here. It’s hurtful and damaging, and it needs to go.

My friends at Special K came up with what I think is a pretty helpful list of ways we can actually practice what we preach when it comes to ending this Fat Talk junk. Even working on one of these points can make a huge difference in the way we talk and think about ourselves and our bodies. Check it out:

How YOU can end Fat Talk now!

  • #1. Think Before You Speak
  • #2. Change The Conversation When Fat Talk Comes Up
  • #3. Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Women
  • #4. Say Something You Like About Yourself Every Time You Self-Criticize

Seems like common sense, right? Because it is. We can do this, friends. We have to. I’ll go first.

Here’s the truth:

I love my body.

I do.

Even with the stupid lupus, the scars, and the imperfections. It’s carried me along through my two beautiful babies, 17 years with the love of my life, home improvements, travel adventures, yard work, gym time (however sporadic), countless hours spent sitting on the bleachers at swim practice with my kids, and oh so much more. My body is all kinds of wonderful and I’ve earned every so-called “imperfection” straight up the hard way.

Women’s bodies are magnificent, and the fat talk needs to go. Are you with me?

Let’s do this!

//  Thanks to Special K for kick-starting the fight to end fat talk by sponsoring posts like this one.   Visit Fight Fat Talk to learn more (scary!) statistics about all this, and take part in the conversation using the hashtag #FightFatTalk to help SHHHHut down the Fat Talk.   //

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