End of summer and hello you and you

Hello!  Hello.  It’s the end of the summer (officially) and I’ve missed you.  So hello to you and hello you and you.  How are you?  How’ve you been?  Long time no talk.

I took an inadvertent hiatus this summer to avoid a nervous breakdown (success!) which is why Petit Elefant has been “content lite” for a bit.  We should really catch up over lunch soon, but in the meantime let’s talk summer.


In May / June I took the craziest trip ever to the French Riviera, Spain, and Paris.  Whirlwind time of my life, so much fun.  I have lots to share with you about that trip, the least of which is that I’m now completely addicted to prosciutto (I haven’t been vegan for awhile) and airbnb, among other things.

I then took a family trip to L.A. to see my rheumatologist (YAY) and Disneyland.  May I just say?  Tower of Terror makes me very, very nervous.  Every time.

tower of terror

Then all of a sudden it was the 4th of July and family BBQ’s and babies.  Did I mention babies?  BAYBEEZ.  I like them, a lot.  My sister is responsible for the crazy cuteness of this guy.  I cannot get enough of his little squishy adorable face and eyelashes.

End of summer and hello you and you

I will give him whatever he wants, including bribery and lawlessness to make him love his Aunt Ali most of all.  He’s the baby love of my life right now.

family bbq

Well he was, until this lady love gave birth.

summer pregnancy

Meet Kalli.  Kalli is a dear dear friend who makes delicious, scrumptious linebacker baby boys.  No, really.  They will be actual linebackers (defensive ends, whatevs) just like their Viking uncle.

Mostly they’re just adorable and squishy and edible.  Kalli should have a hundred and one baby boys.  It’s the least she can do for humanity.


Speaking of boys.

end of summer and hello to you and you

My husband made this debut at our 4th of July family BBQ.  He laid down for a nap and let the giggly masses of  nieces to turn him into Boy George.  He’s a patient man, this one.

The eyes freaked me out to no end though, he looked a little too zombie for my taste.

teenage summer

Look who else found the makeup!

socialluxe lounge

My baby girl isn’t a baby girl anymore.  Someday I might even come to accept and act upon these val …  that fact.  I took said not-baby-girl with me to Chicago in July to be my manservant slave special helper for an event I co-host every year called SocialLuxe Lounge, with two of my best friends in the whole world Jane Maynard and Marie LeBaron.

best friends

I love them more than words, more than chocolate, more than Vampire Diaries, more even I dare say than Diet Dr Pepper.

Whoa, that’s love.

This party is the reason I needed a summer hiatus and disappeared into the folding chairs at our local pool all summer.

socialluxe lounge

It’s a lot of work, but so much fun to host and I’m so grateful to have it in my life.  But mostly just grateful for my co-hostesses /besties.

end of summer

In August we celebrated my father’s 75th (!!!) birthday on a day at the lake with all the siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces and grandparents we could fit into one campsite.  Seventy-five doesn’t seem that old anymore.  I changed my mind!  Mid-30’s isn’t old and neither is my father.


End of summer and hello you and you

This not-a-baby-girl-anymore girl got her braces off after EIGHT years (no, really. I think we bought the orthodontist a nice boat) just in time for 8th grade.

What’s happeninnnnnnngggggg????!!

back to school

This little guy (he’s still my little guy until he sprouts a beard at which point I will still call him my big little guy) is so excited about the 3rd grade he can’t even handle it.  3rd grade is the best grade!  This honey-badger don’t care, this honey-badger wants to go back to the pool and where he can eat Popsicles and nachos all day long.

Don’t we all?

Anyway.  Happy Summer, happy Fall.  Hello! Welcome back.

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  1. Emily :

    What a fun filled and very busy summer!

  2. Allison :

    Emily, it was fun + crazy busy! Hope yours was both. (well, at least the fun part!)

  3. katrina :

    Why did I just read this in my head at super fast speed, as if you were trying to get it all out at once?!
    On the prosciutto front: Mango wrapped inside: O.M.G! Try it, you will fall inLOVE all over again. <3
    And lastly but most important, next time you go to Paris… Take me with you!
    Europe was great for me this summer, it was my first time, no Paris though. We went to Germany, Croatia (stole my heart) & Bosnia. I was quite pleased with myself at how much of the language I knew while in Bosnia ;)