Empowered Underwear For Girls, No Really!

Buying underwear for tween + teen girls can be a seriously stressful experience.  And I’m not just talking about your end of the deal as a parent or guardian, I’m talking about the sweet girls you’re taking shopping.

Ladies, do you remember your first experience buying a bra?  I was equally stoked and horrified to get my first bra, and the whole experience is a hazy memory of hormones and tears.  It was even worse when I went to school the next day and every boy in the 5th grade asked me about my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.  When they weren’t busy snapping my bra strap.  I think the first boy I slapped was, in fact, a boy from my geography class who had done just that.  It was pretty horrifying, and I was a tough girl.

tween brasSeriously, you guys, will puberty ever get easier for anyone?  The latter years of Elementary School and Junior High are a hot mess, and puberty only compounds the whole special experience.

But, the great thing about the world is that now that we have the blessed Interwebz, (saints be praised) we as women can connect to people across the globe and find wonderful humans who are striving to make our experience on this earth a little easier.

tween bras One of those humans is Melissa Ovard, Founder + CEO of a company called Girl Lux which makes comfortable bras and underwear for girls of (almost) every shade of the rainbow.  The bras are named after “adjectives that are synonymous with ‘light’.”  Bras without uncomfortable snaps, bras that match skin color, and comfortable girl shorts (not boy shorts!).  The creme de la creme of Girl Lux products though, is a pair of soft, panty-line-free underwear called the Pocket Pantie™ with a tiny little pocket in the back to discreetly hold a panty liner.

Good heavens, I can’t even tell you how much this underwear would’ve saved my life as a teenage girl.  I would’ve been saved from a fair amount of anxiety in my young life if these had been around.

rainbow colorsWe received a smattering of underwear for my teenage daughter to try, and the first words out of her mouth when she opened the package and discovered the contents was, “It’s about time.”

From her lips to your ears.

Girl Lux is holding a Kickstarter campaign, which closes on November 2, 2014, so go get in on that business, ASAP-like.

// This post was made possible by Girl Lux. Join their Pocket Pantie Kickstarter to help girls feel confident and prepared no matter what! You can follow their progress on Instagram and Facebook and share with your favorite teen and tween girls. //

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  1. Elizabeth :

    Great tips and blog. It is a very stressful thing to do!

  2. Melissa :

    Thank you Allison for passing on the feedback of the most important reviewer of all: the girl! We hope your daughter enjoys Girl Lux’s products and we can help make this time a bit easier than when we had it! Seriously, we can put a man on the moon but not make going through becoming a woman – wonderful thing to become – easier and a bit less stressful? I’m confident that we can do this – but only together!

  3. Beauty Salon Karama :

    Wonderful tips.I loved this blog.Thanks Allison for sharing these tips and thoughts.