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how to knit bracelet

My easy craft technique of choice is knitting. I love that it is portable, quiet, and easy to work on while relaxing for the night. However, now that the warm weather is finally starting to come, (knock on wood) I lose all motivation to make any sort of scarf, blanket or any other cold weather necessity.

What’s a girl to do?

Make easy knitted jewelry, of course!

diy easy knit bracelet

Don’t be intimidated by the small stitches, even if you are a total novice on the needles, this project is super easy, and is definitely something you can try to start mastering your knitting skills.

knit bracelet supplies


Materials for Easy Knit Bracelet DIY:

  • Scrap yarn – mine is leftover from this yarn ornament project from the holidays
  • 1″x4″ piece of leather (vinyl will work fine, too)
  • snap and tools needed to attach (I used these)
  • 2 double pointed needles (I used size 8, but it will depend on the weight of your yarn)
  • tapestry needle

Each of the knit loops are made by knitting an I-cord, a very simple knitting technique:

how to knit i-cord
  • Cast on 5 stitches and knit 1 row.
  • Instead of switching hands and knitting the next row, slide the stitches down to the other end of the double pointed needle, then knit from that end.
  • You will have to pull the yarn across all five stitches for the first stitch (lower left photo)
  • Continue sliding the stitches down to the end of the needle after every row and you’ll get a small cord.
  • For this bracelet I made three 7″ long cords


knit bracelet steps


Next, attach your snaps to the wrap piece and trim down to the correct length. My piece ended up being just over 3″ long.

Sew together the cords to make three loops with the tapestry needle and weave in the ends.

Assemble your bracelet by snapping the wrap piece around the three loops.

how to knit bracelet

See? That wasn’t so hard now, was it? Keep this up and you’ll be ready to tackle those scarves in the Fall!

Happy Crafting this super easy DIY bracelet!

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