Do-it-yourself can desk organizers tutorial

do it yourself recycled can tutorial

// Tin can desk organizers, with cork and polka dots.  So very recycled and crafty. //

Guys, it’s officially SPRINGTIME! Even though its currently snowing in Central Ohio (seriously, snowing), I’m trying to stay focused on the fact that the calendar says warm weather is approaching, and I can’t help but get going on bright and happy crafts like this adorable polka dot cork desk organizer. And the best part? It’s made out of tin cans, which I know you all have  in your pantry. Cook up some of those tomatoes or corn that you have in those cans tonight and then get crafting on this simple project!

do-it-yourself desk can organizersMaterials for Polka dot tin can cork organizer:

  • tin cans – cleaned and dried, labels removed. Don’t limit yourself to tin cans! I also had a giant pill bottle that I used for some extra height.
  • felt
  • cork sheet
  • glue
  • scissors and knife
  • acrylic paint
  • a “polka dotter”
  • large, colored rubber band

do it yourself recycled can Do-it-yourself can desk organizers tutorial

  • 1. Trace each can around on the felt, then cut out and glue the circle into the bottom. This step is actually optional, but I wanted to keep scissors in my tin cans and didn’t like the thought of dropping them onto metal over and over again. Plus it’s just a nice detail that makes them feel less like tin cans and a little more finished.
  • 2. Measure and cut out the cork to wrap around the entire can. Glue the cork down. I tried a couple a different types of glue and hot glue worked the best for this application.
  • 3. After the cork is secured on the can, start polka dotting! I used a circle sponge brush, but if you don’t have that feel free to get creative. I love how Stephanie used a pencil eraser to add polka dots to her t shirt scarf, so cute!
  • 4. Once the paint is dry arrange the cans and secure them together with the giant rubber band. And now you have a cute new organizer!
do it yourself recycled can tutorial

DIY desk organizerI’ve been on a bit of an organizational kick here lately. In case you missed them, check out my other “get organized” crafts: the Upcycled folded book organizer and Chalkboard paint jars. Which one was your favorite? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos :

    This is super cute! Love that you threw in a pill bottle to vary the height a bit more–and the polka dots. Love the polka dots!

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