DIY candle cozy recycle craft

This is the 2nd post from my phenomenal new editor Steph.  Last week Steph instructed us on how to make a ridiculous cute DIY painted pumpkin craft, and I can’t wait to paint my own.   Today she’s going to teach us how to do a cool craft using a couple of things you can recycle into a cozy craft.  So adorable.  Thanks Steph!–

DIY recycle candle cozy craft

A few months ago I was on a real pb+j kick, and when I finished the jelly and rinsed out the jar to drop in the recycling bin, my little diy-blogger-conscience popped up on my shoulder and scolded me for even thinking about doing such a thing. I then promptly bought more jelly if only to add to my new collection of glass jars with no real idea of what to do with them; they just seemed so full of potential, how could I not keep them?!

Well, lucky for you (and my diminishing storage space) I have a wonderfully simple DIY craft to recycle and put those glass jars to use!

DIY candle cozy recycle craft

candle cozy DIY recycle craft

The sweater will no longer be wearable after this project so make you use one you don’t like want to wear anymore. I found one at a thrift for 2 dollars. I chose this sweater because of the scalloped trim around the sleeves and bottom.

diy candle coxy recycled craft

Note: If you haven’t had a recent obsession with some variety of jarred food and therefore do not have a bunch of jars laying around, you could also do this craft with a regular candle or mason jar.

Cut off the sleeve about 1.5 inches longer than the jar.

DIY craft candle cozy

If you have too much extra length, the candle will not stand up straight because of all the extra bulk.

recycled knitting craft

If your jar is smaller than the sleeve (or if you use the bottom of the sweater), just pin the cozie to size (wrong side out), stitch up the side, and trim off the excess.

recycled sweater DIY craft

Once everything is sized, put the sweater back on the jar and with your needle and yarn weave around the entire perimeter along the bottom.

DIY recycled craft

Once you’ve gone all around, pull the yarn tight so it gathers closed and tie a knot to secure it.

Recycled yarn craft DIY

You really can’t see the yarn once it’s gathered so there’s no need to stress about matching the color exactly.

candle cozy craft

Voila! That collection of jelly jars are now fun lanterns that look will look great on your table or mantel for fall.  Recycle and make a cozy craft at the same time.


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