DIY T-Shirt Necklaces With Beads

earth dayDIY tshirt necklaces with beads

Today: 4 DIY crafts in celebration of Earth Day.  You might want to put your seat-belts on because things are about to get all glittery up in here.  Today’s post is pretty great; some recycled accessories in the form of DIY t-shirt necklaces with beads AAAAAND 3 bonus crafts from three other amazing bloggers.  All the crafts you’re about to witness (they are a thing to behold I tell you, 4 DIY crafts in one post) were created using only a few craft supplies from Consumer Crafts (the sponsor of this post) and re-cycled, up-cycled, and re-purposed materials.  That’s a lot of DIY cycling folks, and I knew you’d be excited, that’s why you’re wearing your seat-belts! 

I slay myself.

P.S.s.s.s.ssss. There’s a surprise at the bottom of this post.  Be a very patient person and wait until the end to see what fun is up my sleeve!  Ssshh!

Without further adieu, here’s a whole smorgasbord of DIY, starting with the recycled t-shirt necklace.

DIY T-shirt Necklaces

I know you’ve been searching your closets (or your hubby’s) for old t-shirts to make fun DIY polka dot scarves, right? And if you’re anything like me, as soon as you decide to start getting rid of t-shirts you have a mountain of them in no time. If the shirts aren’t good for scarves because maybe they have logos or are too small, fear not, you can still turn them into easy to wear DIY accessories!

T-Shirt Necklace DIYDo you love necklaces? I don’t usually wear them that often because the person who really loves necklaces is my 10-month-old son. Whatever I’m wearing he pulls and tugs on, and it inevitably ends up in his mouth. I love these necklaces because I don’t have to worry about them breaking! What mom doesn’t love jewelry that doubles as a distraction in a pinch?How to make a necklace from t-shirts

To DIY t-shirt necklaces with beads you will need:

  • An old cotton or jersey t-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up.
  • Wooden beads. You can find colorful wooden beads at any craft store. And I’ve been looking for natural wooden beads with a hole big enough for these, hooray I found some!
  • Neon jewelry making cord or other type of cord you want to use as embellishment.
Recycle t-shirts into jewelry

Cut strips of fabric about 1-inch wide across the shirt. Then snip the loop so you have one long piece of t-shirt material.

How to make t-shirt yarn

Stretch the material to both lengthen it and get the sides to roll in.

t-shirt yarn tutorial t-shirt yarn how to

Start stringing the beads onto the t-shirt strands. For this necklace I knotted the material on either side of the beads and braided it with the neon cord.recycle t-shirt ideas

For the purple necklace I just knotted the t-shirt material between each bead. Tie the fabric together at the end and you have the perfect summer accessory.

t-shirt and bead necklace

I love a DIY craft project that uses materials that almost everyone already has. It’s budget – and Earth – friendly. How are you celebrating Earth Day?

t-shirt necklace tutorial
Now, onto the delightful creativity of some amazing DIY bloggers and their Earth Day creations.


earth day craft
1. Recycled Tin Can Caddy via Dana Made It
2. Washi Tape Vases via Make and Takes
3. Up-cycle Carnival via Prudent Baby

Aren’t all those crafts fantastic!  What a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day.

Shopping with Consumer Crafts is super duper easy and cheaper than my local craft store, PLUS shipped to your door?  Dude.  Want to follow what’s going on with Consumer Crafts? Awesome, here’s where to find them:

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  1. Jacinda :

    My girls are going to love to make these!

  2. Kat Chavez :

    I have been nervous to try and make a tshirt necklace…will have to give it a try now with a little braid :) My son’s favorite craft supply is probably paint, he loves to finger paint the most. On that note I need more canvas’

  3. Tiffany K :

    My favorite craft supply is always sculpey!

  4. Megan v :

    I love to work with fabric and paint!

  5. MelodyJ :

    I like beads, yarn and paint.

  6. kai :

    Fabric is my favorite craft supply! I’m obsessed.
    I am doing this craft with my daughter and her friend next weekend!

  7. Rebecca :

    I love crafting with beads!

  8. Lisa M :

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite craft supply because I love it all! I go through phases and right now I’m really into jewelry (and I have lots of old t-shirts so can’t wait to try this craft!) so right now my favorite supply is wire! :-) Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Jamie :

    Glue! You can do a lot with glue- stick stuff, glitter stuff, make dimensions on stuff.

  10. Laura P. :

    I love shopping for beads because their fun but my really useful supply is my assortment of pliers.

  11. Mariah K :

    I love anything to do with yarn! I’m also getting into beading because I’ve always wanted to make jewelry.

  12. gurian6 :

    I love anything to use for papercrafting! I love these recycle ideas and I have made all of them in the past (lol). Old things made new!