DIY Make A Thread Wrapped Belt

Time to make your own DIY thread wrapped belt, guys.  Check out the cute refashion DIY Steph has cooked up today.  -Allison

how to make a thread wrapped belt

Hi friends! You know when you’re flipping through catalogs or surfing the web checking out the latest fashions, and you see something that is just sooo DIY doable you say to yourself, “why would I pay that much money when I could just make it myself!?”

Well, guess what. That totally happened to me a few weeks ago when I came across this belt on the J Crew website. I couldn’t pass it up! For one thing it is simply a scaled up version of these bracelets I made last summer. I have to say, I think I hit the nail on the head on this knock off version of the Spring accessory; plus it’s so easy, you’ll want to make these in every color!


 Materials for Thread Wrapped Belt

  • embroidery floss in the colors of your choice
  • brown leather belt
  • hot glue

Check out Target, Forever 21, H&M, or wherever you shop–I know you guys are savvy shoppers and know how to find a good deal! Or maybe you already have a spare brown belt in your closet just asking for a facelift!  For the record, I got mine at H&M.

If you want to know how much embroidery floss you’ll need, I ended up opening all six floss packages, although I have quite a bit left over of the 3rd package in both colors. My belt is slightly over 1 inch wide and each packet of floss covered 5-6″ of belt depending on how tightly its wrapped.


 Instructions: DIY make a thread wrapped belt

1. Start wrapping! I started about 1.5″ away from the last hole on the belt. Dab a small amount of hot glue on the back of the belt to secure the thread and then wrap it around. Be careful not to cross the threads.

2. I kept wrapping until I ran out of floss before changing colors, but you could make the blocks of color smaller and change more often. Simply seal off the first color with some glue and add on the next. Repeat until you’ve wrapped the whole thing! I wrapped up until the point where the belt overlaps when it’s buckled.

3. I think the little loop by the buckle took the longest do, but it will make all the difference. I cut off about a yard of string, so I wasn’t looping a huge chunk through the loop over and over again. Seal with glue and wrap just like the rest of the belt.

4. How cute is that?! (ok, not really a step, but I wanted to get that picture in there)


Wear your cute new belt! This is a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe for Spring. Happy crafting! What colors will you make yours?


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  1. Amy :

    LOVE the belt-it looks great!