DIY crafts for dad this Fathers Day

Gifts for dad: DIY crafts for dad this Father’s Day.

do it yourself father's day gift

DIY Father’s Day Mugs

It’s Father’s Day this weekend, in case you hadn’t noticed all the BBQ’s and lawnmowers for sale all over town.  I already bought a vacuum at Costco for my husband because I’m fancy and super thoughtful, and I love him, especially when he vacuums.  Although if the dad in my life were to get a vacuum for me, or laundry basket, or I don’t know, a sleeping bag for any holiday I would probably completely lose my crap.

I’m going to pay for this somehow.

Do you have Father’s Day for the dad(s) in your life outside the US?  I know there’s a Kid’s Day in Poland, which is also National Water-Fight Day, for serious, but I don’t know much about other countries celebrating random odd holidays like we do in the U.S.


fathers day printables

Father’s Day printables

Anyway I found some ridiculous cute stuff on Pinterest, like you do, some super cute crafts for dad.  I know you have it in you to whip any and all of these up, because you’re the craftiest sort of readers out there.

Resourceful, smart, lovely, extra pretty, and my you’re looking so skinny!

Too much?  You know I love you.

What about these ‘For You Dad’ cute printables to pimp out all over your Father’s Day celebrations?  Cute, simple, graphic, sleek.

shaving kit father's day

Father’s Day shaving kit printable

I think this shaving kit printable for dad is the cutest thing ever, and the dad in our family is kind of obsessed with old school shaving kits so I think this barber shop print is amazing.

duct tape craft

Father’s Day duct tape craft

You know how much I love Hostess with the Mostess, right?  Her reader submissions are so clever, especially this recent one using duct tape.  How much does the dad in your life love duct tape?  All the dads in my life lose their marbles over duct tape, so these King of Duct Tape treat covers make me especially happy.

super dad free print

Father’s Day pop box set printable

Check out this pop box set printable.  Stop it!  Who are these cute people who think of all the cute things?

Not me, but I know how to find them on the internet and that’s what counts.

So tell me, what are your plans this Father’s Day, a swim in the pool/lake/ocean, family game tournament, a BBQ for Dad?  Do tell.

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