Cutest customizable holiday cards ever


custom christmas cards

Guys, the holidays are officially almost upon us.  And for whatever reason (just a guess – mom guilt?) at Christmas time, I get super Type-A obsessive about making sure my holiday cards are finished early and mailed out before the serious crazy sets in.  Life is insane during the holidays, and I really prefer to do tiny little things all year long in anticipation of December being the worst month of my life, in the history of ever.

christmas cards

ALL OF THE THINGS happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, and for some reason having my holiday cards done ahead of the choir, orchestra, and drama performances, not to mention the swim meets and candy-cane-read-a-thons and all of the homework the world has ever known, well, it makes me feel like a better human.  It just does.  That way I can sit back and smugly relax and enjoy the holiday panic about everything else that needs to be done immediately, if not sooner.

This year I really do have reason to feel all extra celebratory, because it’s not even Halloween yet and my holiday cards are D-O-N-E.

Let’s talk about that for a second.

cute customized holiday cards

Thankfully, even though my family is horrible when taking pictures, we still managed to end up with a semi-reasonable family photo to use on the annual holiday card.  My little guy was super proud of all the naughtiness Wendy + Tyler caught on camera, but to his utter dismay I’m using said naughtiness for all 200 Christmas cards. Sucker.

custom christmas cards

I chose to go with my cheap idea for a family holiday card again, because not only is a post card the very best kind of letter to receive, it’s also less money to print and mail.  Which brings me to Zazzle.  What’s that, you ask?  Well, I’m happy to tell you:  Zazzle is a marketplace of all things awesome.  I was initially introduced to Zazzle via my friend Jenny the Bloggess who has a ridiculous awesome Zazzle shop (on the sidebar of her blog, warning: swears and such in Jenny’s store), and then again when I created a cool customized binder with my blog logo for SocialLuxe Lounge one year.  All of which is to say: I’ve had cool experiences with Zazzle.  You can customize pretty much whatever you want, as you can see from Jenny’s crazy/bananas/amazing store.

And also, from these return address labels:

custom address labels

If you can’t see that tiny photo, it’s this:

cutest customizable holiday cards ever

Just so people get a real, honest feeling about what life is like at said return address.  *SIGH*

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Also, you can customize stamps.  Yes, actual accepted U.S. postage stamps featuring your pretty mug, or that of your dog/fish/sister/horse/cat/mom.  You can get as crazy or as normal as you want, it’s all custom!  So go get nuts, because there are some crazy cute holiday cards for you to choose from.  Or buttons to send to your in-laws.  Your choice, really.

Holidays are made for you at Zazzle. Find cards you’ll covet at Zazzle

 This is a sponsored post, which enables me to keep Petit Elefant running.  Just so you know, I’d never endorse a sponsor I didn’t believe in wholeheartedly.  I can’t say the same for naughty children. —

Family photos by Blue Lily Photography.

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  1. Allie @ 6000 Miles to Home :

    WOW. You are really inspiring me to get hopping on my DIY xmas gifts… I usually wait to do them in mid-December and then get completely overwhelmed and scared by the thought of it and end up buying people mediocre gifts with Amazon 2 day shipping. Sooo yeah – thanks so much for being so on top of things!!

  2. rachel :

    Love. Love. Love!

    I’ve used Zazzle several times and have had awesome experiences with them!

    Real life, baby, it’s the best! <3