cute father’s day gift ideas.

What are you doing for Father’s Day this weekend?  Any fabulous BBQ plans?  Viktor took Precocious on a cattle drive in Wyoming so I’m off the hook for Father’s Day.

Wait.  A cattle drive?  We don’t own cattle.  But Viktor’s friend does!  So they’re off playing cowboys and me and Charming will probably eat cold cereal in bed Sunday morning.  Woot.

The rest of you are probably celebrating Father’s Day though, so I’m going to leave you some great links to Father’s Day gift ideas from people more talented than myself.

-The photo above?  It’s from Rookie Moms.  They put together some adorable gifts for dad on the cheap.

-Melissa from IS*LY made a Father’s Day card template.  For hipster dads.  She’s not only talented, she shares the love.

-I’m not sure Viktor needs this book.  I mean, he could have written the book: Mischief Maker’s Manual.  Parts 1-35.  In fact, maybe that will be the ship that comes in for us, a book series about how to be naughty and make your children laugh.  Nevertheless, I think any dad would be amused to receive this book as a gift for Father’s Day.

-I love these homemade luggage tags from Family Fun.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to make some before we fly again.  What dad doesn’t want a felt guitar luggage tag?

What are you doing for Father’s Day gifts?  For Father’s Day dinner?  Anything homemade, handmade, heartfelt, or does the dad in your life prefer gift cards?  Maybe I’m projecting a little.

Have a great Father’s Day weekend!

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  1. Andrea :

    Super cute! My son is 17 months old so we didn’t have TOO much he could do so I traced his hand and then made a handkerchief! I posted a tutorial on Blissfully Domestic

    I can’t wait til he can actually DO a craft!

    • Allison :

      Andrea, that’s DARLING! What a clever clever idea.

      It takes a while for the crafting thing, and even now my son doesn’t have the attention span for much. :)

  2. Melissa :

    Allison! Thanks for including me in your round-up of Father’s day ideas! I totally should’ve done something for this year, but the day totally caught me by surprise. Still haven’t done anything for my dad or my father-in-law.

  3. Petit Elefant :


    Well, Viktor was out of town so the whole thing was pointless anyway. Oh well. Next year?

  4. Suzanne :

    Hubby went on a week long rafting trip for work – hard life isn’t it?!? But I made him a photo book and I made him a collage of hand prints of the 5 kids!! I will be posting it later this week:)

    He just changed offices at work – and we just got new family photos taken, so while he is gone I am going to surpise him with new pictures in his office:) Yea!!

    • Petit Elefant :


      You’re so cute & crafty. I love a photo book with the kids hands, that’s so thoughtful. I’m sure he loved it!