Crock Pot giveaway

What’s better than a Crock Pot giveaway to celebrate the start of Fall?  A day off work?


But I don’t have an in with your boss, so I’ll help you with the next best thing.

A crock pot. 

crock pot dinners

Seriously, is there anything better than coming home from work to the smell of dinner already cooking?  I think not.

Relish, the sponsor of this giveaway, is chock-a-bloc full of menus and shopping lists to help you streamline dinner.  You totally want to check them out.  Basically you sign up to have Relish hook you up with a menu plan for your week along with a shopping list for the week.  For $7 a month someone else will help you figure out what to have for dinner.

I don’t know about you, but that’s always my trouble.  Someone has to cook.

Eventually anyway.

You might as well have someone give you a list for the grocery store and a handful of recipes.

Giveaway Details:

  1. Leave a comment to enter
  2. Crock Pot giveaway valid from Friday 9/23 to midnight, Friday 9/30
  3. Winner will be announced on this post Monday 10/3 and will have 48 hours to respond. If the winner hasn’t responded by that time, a new winner will be chosen
  4. Sign up for a free trial of Relish by using the code: BLOGGER1

– Get one EXTRA entry if you become a fan of Petit Elefant on Facebook.  Write on the Petit Elefant wall to let me know you’ve become a fan –

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for entering!

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  1. cabesh :

    I love my crockpot and I desperately need an updated one.

  2. dinaduck :

    Awesome giveaway, been pondering a crockpot purchase. How do you enter? Do you have to sign up for the free trial?

    • Allison :

      Sorry Dina. Just leave a comment to enter.

  3. Raquel :

    This would be great right now!

  4. Christie :

    Need a new crockpot BAD. My old one kept blowing the fuses in our house. Husband was not happy. But what makes him happy? SUPPER IN A CROCKPOT. Oh the humanity…

  5. Molly B :

    I would love to win this crockpot! thank you so much!

  6. Lynnley :

    This would be so great since mine just died and I use it all the time for my crazy days when I teach piano all night and have no time to cook

  7. Andria :

    I love coming home after work to a dinner that has been cooking all day!

  8. Adventures In Babywearing :

    Can you even believe that I don’t own a crock pot?? I want to win. PLEASE!! :) I am sure I could come up with some great dishes in that thing!


  9. Mariah :

    I love when crockpots cook for you! This would be great, as I recently melted to lid for mine… :)

  10. Alisha Anunson :

    I need a new crockpot! I would love this one!!!

  11. Leana :

    oh, I so desperately need a crock pot. I keep thinking if I had one my dinner-making life will be magically easier. Sounds like I need Relish, too, to make that magic happen!

  12. Melissa :

    Oh! Oh!- Pick Me! Pick Me!

  13. Ronda C. :

    Wow, that is a fancy futuristic crock-pot compared to mine. I think a new crock-pot might be on my gift list for Christmas this year.

  14. Jena :

    What a great looking crock pot!

  15. Susie Grant :

    Mine only has 2 settings, “take forever” and “burned”. I think I need a new one! This one is pretty!!

  16. ellen patton :

    I could use a new crockpot!

  17. Tracy :

    Man I would love that crock pot. Mmmm…thinking of yummy recipes already.

  18. Emily :

    Ooh what a fancy crock pot! We got a nice one for our wedding but it started burning things on one side, right after the warranty expired. Now we have a cheap one, which works great except it doesn’t have a timer.

  19. Hilary :

    Crock pots are awesome! This is the perfect giveaway for the first day of fall.

  20. Kelli :

    I got my current crock pot when my husband and I got married…10 years ago. It has seen some good use and some better days! I would love a new one, thanks for a great give away!

  21. Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef :

    my crockpot lid is broken! i so need a new one and this one looks nice :)

  22. Jamie :

    Wahoo! I wanna win it! I never win anything so… let’s give it some good juju…. WINNING!!!

  23. Heather :

    That is a great looking crockpot!

  24. Aarika :

    Yay, shiny new crockpot!

  25. Ashley H. :

    I love making stew in a crock pot.

  26. Heather :

    I’ve been wanting a crock pot for a while.

  27. Nicole King :

    Have you tried using your crock pot to make breakfast or dessert? I have & it’s even better than using it for dinner.

  28. Amanda M :

    I love my crockpot, and I use mine year-round! I’d love to win a new one, though! Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. Kalli :

    Hi, YES PLEASE! Also, I miss you.

  30. Dina :

    Love the simplicity of a meal already cooked when you walk in the door.

  31. stacey :

    would love this crockpot! ive always wanted one!

  32. kate :

    would love that crockpot…mine is on it’s last legs…seems to have only “high” setting left!

  33. Michaela :

    Hello, I would like to enter (:

  34. Candace :

    Yippee!! I so need a new crockpot! I’ve worn mine right out!

  35. Carrie :

    I’ve never used a crockpot but I’ve always been very curious about trying one. I like the idea of starting dinner before we leave the house for the day and coming home to tasty food that’s ready to go!

  36. Sara :

    I would love a new crockpot. My bowl just broke in mine last week and I haven’t decided on what I want for a new one. This would solve my problem.

  37. RookieMom Whitney :

    YAY! How rare that I spy a giveaway for something I actually WANT! And Relish is on my site, too! Yay for Relish! And for my new life with slow-cooked meals when I win!

  38. Michelle :

    Oh man I’d LOVE to win this! My crockpot broke at the end of winter and I’m so ready for fall cooking!

  39. Dani :

    I totally love my crockpot, but I need a bigger one! I’m going to check out Relish. I *hate* meal planning. With a passion.

  40. Terry Madden :

    Love to cook in the fall this is a great way to start. Going to Relish to help me out. Please sent invite pintrest love that site ,but need your invite . Thanks

  41. Julie Dennehy :

    My dh busted my Crock Pot. I desperately need a new one. It’ll fix my marriage (jk). I loved that (sniff) Crock Pot… looks just like this new one, only without the crack down the side, and has that new crock pot smell. I’ve liked Petit Elefant on FB, too.

  42. Dana :

    I’d love a new crock pot…and one with digital settings? Yes please!

  43. Tami :

    I love my crock pot, but to have a shiny new (extra) one? Bliss. :-)

  44. Jill S. :

    Who has to thumbs and loves crock pots? This girl!

  45. girlsmama :

    I love to use my crock-pot. I use it several times a week to work around practices and games.

  46. Marisa :

    Ooh, great giveaway! The temps are supposed to cool next week, so I’m excited for chilis, stews, and roasts in the crock pot. Yum!

  47. Vivian :

    That crock pot looks so spiffy!

  48. La Yen :

    So pretty.

  49. Yessery :

    As a college student, a crockpot would be perfect. Yum! My fondest childhood memory is my grandmother and mother cooking beans and soups in crockpots. So useful!

  50. Mitra :

    I love crockpot cooking!!

  51. Ani Reina :

    Yes!!! I just got into grad school and this would be great since I’m out of the house all day!!

  52. Heather B. :

    Me! I need a crock pot!

  53. Melissa :

    Hi there! It would be great to have a crock pot for all the cool weather soups and chilis I want to make.

  54. Sara McCarty :

    My crock pot is in the middle of a slow painful death. I would love love love to win a new one!!

  55. Katelyn :

    Perfect timing! One of my crock pots cracked this last week…I use it all the time. I checked out Relish and plan to sign up. Thanks!

  56. Katelyn :

    I follow you on facebook!

  57. Libby :

    Crock yeah! That’d be a very fancy way to ring in the new season!

  58. amelia :

    It is so funny to read everyone’s random comments about crockpots. I have a perfectly fine one but my sister broke hers so maybe i’d just give her mine and take the fancy smancy one. ha.

  59. Theresa :

    I’d love to win a crockpot! Thanks! Off to FB now to post on your wall.

  60. ASuburbanLife :

    My child broke my crockpot; I’d love a new one!

  61. Sarah :

    I love crock pot cookin’! You seriously have awesome giveaways!

  62. Genevieve :

    I *just* has a conversation about crockpots with a friend and how much I wanted a new one. Here’s hoping the fates are kind!

  63. Mindy Kamholz :

    I would cherish a new one as I can’t fit dinner in mine. We’ve outgrown it :'(

  64. Angie :

    I hope I win!!!

  65. Kirby :

    I love crock pots! Pick me! Pick Me! Pick ME!! :)

  66. ilaybalilay :

    the crock pot has played a huge part in my childhood. i miss those family feasts we’ve had everytime the clan gathered every sunday. my great grandmother used to cook those delicious stews and other meat dishes with her crock pot. :)

  67. Christin :

    I would love to have a crockpot! I am newly married and learning how to cook and working late doesn’t always make that the easiest thing to do!

  68. Michelle :

    oooooh I want a crockpot!

  69. Karen :

    Would love a new crockpot! Great fall give away!

  70. RachelSD :

    Ooooh, would love a new crock-pot… gave my old one to my mother-in-law! I need some spiced apple cider stat!

  71. Sherry B. :

    My poor crockpot is so old and battered that my friend told me she would be afraid to use it. Only one setting works and the lid is cracked and has no handle. I still use it a lot, tho!

  72. Andy :

    Yay! Crock pot.

  73. Karen O :

    I so need a new one. I take mine to work so one that seals shut would be a good idea

  74. Karen Bailey :

    Would love a new crock pot — so pretty.

  75. Mimi Fowlkes :

    My best friend Elizabeth has never owned a Crock Pot. How she has raised three children and worked fulltime without is a mystery. She need a CP and I plan to give her this if I win!

  76. Maureen :

    I love crockpot meals.

  77. dallimomma :

    I just made peach butter in my old crock pot. Fabulous. I would pass this one on to my daughter so she, too, can enjoy the fabulousness.

  78. Kolleen S :

    I just found your site, and I love it! What a great giveaway!!

  79. Dana :

    That would be awesome. Got an el cheapo crock pot as a wedding gift recently. But that little do-dad to keep the lid on would rock my world!

  80. Morgan W. :

    I definitely love crockpots! This one looks all sorts of fancy schmancy!

  81. Amanda Cotcher :

    Ohh- I need a new one so bad!

  82. Nicole :

    Ooooh, please enter me! I’ve been obsessed with crockpot cooking lately and my pot is the pits… : )

  83. Emily A :

    I just started shopping for a crock pot – maybe I won’t have to now!

  84. Michelle :

    Yay! Love the crock pot. Was just looking at new ones the other day at Target. Mine is losing all of it’s non-stickishness which probably means I shouldn’t keep using it.

  85. Melissa :

    I just “liked” you on Facebook! I follow you on pintrest, too :) Do I get extra credit?

  86. Kandice :

    I need a crock pot…was just telling my husband the other day!

  87. Kim :

    I love soups in the fall, and this crockpot would be perfect!

  88. Tammy T :

    I could really use a new crockpot.

  89. Jenny H :

    I need a new one!

  90. angela :

    i love the smell of something crock-potted in the afternoon! xo

  91. Anne :

    As much as I love my hand me down crock pot from 1990 (use it once week), I understand that the new ones are much easier to clean and can do more than on and off!

  92. Eve L. :

    Eep! I would love this. My current crockpot overheats so I’m way too nervous to let it do it’s thing while I’m away at work.

    I love crockpot meals. One of my favorites is Country style ribs, recipe below:

    1 small onion, finely chopped (1/2 cup)
    1/2 cup ketchup
    1/2 cup cider vinegar
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    1 tablespoon kosher salt
    1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
    1 teaspoon ground chipotle chili powder
    1 teaspoon dried oregano
    4 pounds baby back ribs

    Combine the onion, ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar, salt, Worcestershire, chili powder, and oregano in a 4- to 6-quart slow cooker. Stir in the ribs. Cook on low heat for 6 hours, or on high for 3 1/2 hours.
    Using tongs, remove the ribs from the cooker and arrange on a broiler pan. Heat the broiler. Pour the juices from the cooker into a bowl and place in the freezer for 10 minutes to hasten the separation of the fat. Remove and discard the fat.
    Pour the defatted juices into a saucepan; boil over high heat until reduced by half, about 15 minutes. Broil the ribs about 6 inches from the heat until browned. Serve with the sauce.

  93. Christina :

    This is one fancy crockpot!
    I am so needing a new one!

  94. Heidi :

    I’ve been needing a new crockpot, this would be awesome to win.

  95. senja :

    oh, I’d love to win! I have always wanted a crockpot!

  96. Lisa :

    Would so LOVE a new crockpot!!

  97. Cami S. :

    Ooh, I like how the lid “clips” on. I’ve had a couple of crock pot spills in the car – not pretty.


  98. tommye :

    I would love to have this crockpot! I was out of town last week when this posted, and was so afraid the entry time would pass before I was able to post a comment! Love your blog!

  99. Marianne :

    I just KNEW there was a reason I had yet to buy the programmable Crock-Pot I have needed. Yes, I am still using the one from the ’80’s–and, yes, it is country blue with geese on it. If you close your eyes, you can see it. I know you can.

  100. Peggy :

    What a great giveaway! I know I could have some fabulous meals with this crockpot!

  101. Alicia W. :

    That’s a nice lookin’ crockpot! I see crockpot meals figuring heavily into my life this winter with a new baby in the house…the rest of my family will still expect to be fed, I suppose.

  102. Cassie :

    Love smelling a roast cooking all day!

  103. Lisa :

    A new crockpot would be so lovely!!!

  104. dayment :

    I’ve been saving up slow cooker recipes in my Pinterest!

  105. dayment :

    Oh and thanks for the code for Relish too! I’m signed up!

  106. Trysha :

    I love my crockpot! Its good for busy days and better for lazy days. ;)

  107. Trysha :

    I follow you on facebook.

  108. lindsay willman :

    I love my Crock Pot especially when I’ll be gone all day at work. It is so nice coming home to those delicious smells and a warm dinner! Sadly, my Crock Pot has seen better days. It has been around longer than my marriage – my husband got it as a housewarming present 10 years ago.

  109. Jen :

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!! I am in need of a crockpot upgrade, stat!

  110. Jenny :

    i am SO trying Relish!! how did i not know about this before?

  111. Melissa :

    Couldn’t find this giveaway at a better time. Since we moved to our new place in October (yeah, almost a year) we’ve been limping along with a broken crock pot. It has a giant crack going down the middle. It has yet to split in two (so close!), but does leak juices every once-in-a-while. Super ghetto, I am.

    Would love a brand spankin’ new one!

  112. Meryl :

    mmmmmmm! looks tasty!

  113. Jen :

    Love crock pots!! I’m a poor college student in desperate need for more time, and this is a perfect solution

  114. Jen :

    Also a facebook fan!

  115. Kym :

    I miss my crock pot and have been looking for a replacement… Perhaps I have found it!

  116. Cora :

    I love crock pots almost as much as I love Allison and her flithy mouth, verbally speaking of course- your teeth are sparkly!

  117. Paula :

    Mmmm, crockpot roast. The very best.

  118. Michelle B :

    I would to have a new crockpot since my handle is about to break on my old one.

  119. Melissa :

    Mine is on it’s last leg, and a new one would be great!

  120. Sara :

    I would love a new crockpot! Mine is starting to show wear, since I use it weekly to cook my dried beans. Thanks!

  121. Stacey :

    Everyone is telling me I need one…so I hope I win!


  122. Jamie :

    This crock pot looks amazing! Thanks for hosting!

  123. Chelley Black :

    I love crock pot cooking! Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. Mary :

    I want a Crockpot so bad, but it’s one of those things I keep putting off purchasing. Hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway! :o)

  125. Karen :

    My crockpot is 40 or so years old and looks way more awesome than it cooks. Saaad.

  126. erin :

    crock pots are fabulous!!!

  127. Chris :

    Mmmm….thinking of making corned beef and cabbage now.

  128. Laura :

    I haven’t had a crockpot in 5 years! I had to leave it at an ex’s house when I grabbed what I could and got the eff out! Seriously love your blog!

  129. fokxxy :

    I would love to be entered please!!!

  130. fokxxy :

    I follow you on fb (Summer P.)

    and wrote on your wall


  131. Jen C. :

    Oh my gosh!! This is the best giveaway EVER! I follow you on FB too! :D

  132. Denise :

    I would love this crockpot! I would also love some new recipes!

  133. Michele :

    I need this crock pot desperately. I have gotten many recipes, but don’t have one to try them out!
    Also liked you on FB!