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The 2012 Slow Churned SocialLuxe Lounge from jane maynard on Vimeo.


  1. D K Mauney :

    Hey add me to anything that’s apart of you! If you have emailings make sure I get my share too!


  2. Lori :

    Bless you a million times over! My mother was describing a salad that was brought to our house after my brother’s funeral back in 1985. It was understandably a traumatic day for us, so our memories of certain details are sketchy. For some reason a particular salad stood out and, unknown to me, my mom has craved it over the years. She could only remember that it had macaroni and pineapple in it, and that our Mormon relatives from Utah made it. I suddenly had this inspiration to Google “Mormon macaroni pineapple salad” and lo and behold, your site popped up and there it was: Frog Eye Salad! You just solved a very long and perplexing mystery. Isn’t the internet grand?? :)

    • Lori :

      LOL to address the inevitable question “why didn’t you just ask the relatives”: They were in-laws, there was a divorce, etc etc.