Cleaning tips you want, eh?

Well, cleaning tips I’ve got. Clean is a concept near and dear to my heart. I really love for my environment to be neat and fresh and clean. My home may not always be immaculate and pristine (I have a toddler, and a husband after all) but heaven forbid it ever be considered, ahem, dirty. Most of the time, anyway. I thought I knew a thing or two about cleaning until my husband presented this book to me as a gift. Because he’s cool like that and knew I would be utterly titillated with such a gift. Honest. 

Anyway, turns out I did know a thing or two about cleaning and not much more than that. I now consider Real Simple: Cleaning my simplified bible of household chores. Why I love it: it specifies the proper tool, medium, frequency and method for cleaning everything. What to use to clean your hardwood floor or your butcher block or your chrome fixtures? It’s in there. How to get your bathroom sparkling? It’s in there. I used to manually clean my shower curtain liner but now I know I can toss it in the washing machine with an old towel or two. Voila!   
The book is easy to read, nicely styled, and spiral bound for easy reference. Cleaning tips galore, readers. Galore, I tell you!  All from the wonderful minds behind my favorite magazine
Now let’s get scrubbing!
available and,, and probably a few other places, too. 
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  1. the emily :

    oooh, fun. i’ll have to check it out!

  2. Petit Elefant :

    I absolutely must put this on my Christmas list this year. I love Real Simple. The way they outline things so, well, simply and stylishly is the best. Can’t wait to read.