Christmas Hot Cocoa Bar

DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Gathering family and friends together is especially wonderful at this time of year. A DIY hot cocoa bar is just the thing for office parties, classroom parties, neighborhood cookie exchanges, church gatherings,  a little celebration with family or friends, or a special treat Christmas morning. Take these tips and whip up your own sweet celebration, because everybody loves a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Start by designating a serving area for your DIY hot cocoa bar. Since guests will likely serve themselves, it’s most helpful if all the cocoa and fixings can be accessed in one spot, but if your space isn’t flexible, it’s just fine to serve the cocoa from the stove or crock pot and direct guests to the “bar” for all the fancy additions.

DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Be sure to have all you supplies to hand in advance. Mugs stacked next to the cocoa, a ladle for serving, napkins and stir sticks nearby, and of course all the fun extras in one place. Don’t worry if your mugs are all mismatched, as mine are. It will just add to the charm of your presentation.

Choose which special extras you’d like most to serve and stick to just 3 or 4 to keep things simple. Whipped cream, candy canes, caramels, chocolate chips or white chocolate chips, cinnamon and nutmeg, flavored syrups, and marshmallows are popular options. Some edible accompaniments a great idea, also. You might opt to serve donuts or invite guests to bring a dozen of their favorite Christmas cookies for sharing.

DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Prep the cocoa in advance using your favorite mix or homemade recipe, then simply keep it warm in your crock pot or on the stove top throughout the party. Guests are then free to serve themselves–it is a DIY hot cocoa bar, after all. Keep a few tea towels and paper towels to hand in case of spills.

DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Add a few holiday touches like evergreens and festive linens, and turn up your Holiday playlist. That’s it! So easy, so festive, so sweet, and so fun.

A DIY hot cocoa bar is a great idea for Christmas gatherings, but also a lovely dessert for option for dinner parties, or for New Year’s celebrations or even winter birthdays. Cheers!

DIY Hot Cocoa Bar
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