Choosing the Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit

Plus size swimsuits for body types

Our community’s outdoor pool opens later this month. Squee!  I can hardly wait. We’ll be purchasing our pool pass then hanging out every day to beat the heat and humidity. Of course, the number one thing on my mind is finding a new suit. So, let’s talk about choosing a truly flattering plus size swimsuit.

Each of us has our own challenges with coverage, support and needs in a swimsuit. Let’s cover four basic concerns and what you should look for in each of those cases when it comes to swim wear.



Just as all plus size bodies are not the same, neither should their swimsuits be. Are you lacking on the curves? Wish you had a more defined waist? Easy! The illusion of a waist can be created by choosing a suit with detail at the waist. Look for a belt (fake or real), or bling across the midsection.  Instant waist definition!

Waist not, Want not


Are you busty? Well endowed? (Sheepishly raises hand.) You want to create a silhouette that is balanced rather than top heavy. Halter tops are your best friend. They elongate and your body and provide lots of support. Speaking of support, look for suits that have underwire, and absolutely stay away from string and skinny straps. You’ve got to keep potential neck and back pain in mind while suit shopping! The good news is that you really can find a plus size swimsuit that is highly functional as well as highly fashionable.


Bust It Out



Do you carry your weight in your mid-section? Known as an “apple” body type, the key for you is to disguise your middle with fabric. Choose suits that have gathers, ruching, or other detailing on the torso. The extra fabric will hide what you don’t want seen, but still give you some curves.


Middle Ground



You’ve got hips! Often your body type is described as “pear shaped”. You tend to carry your weight in your bottom, hips and thighs. Never fear! We can create a more balanced silhouette for you on the beach. Look for suits that draw attention to the upper half of your body through pattern and color. A tankini with a solid bottom and patterned top is great for you.  Beware! Avoid boy shorts and bottoms that cut low across the thigh. A higher cut will draw less attention to your widest point.


For the Hippy Chick

Now you know what you’re looking for in a plus size swimsuit! Get out there and find the perfect suit, look fabulous, and soak up some rays!

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