Cheap basic back to school supplies

Hi, my name is Allison and I’m addicted to school supplies.  I’m not even going to try and repent, there’s nothing forbidden about my love.  Especially when it comes to the cheap basic back to school supplies all over store shelves right now.

Aren’t these pencils pretty?  I can’t even handle it.

office supplies office supplies back to school

All the back to school supply sales at the end of summer are my favorite, in an I-totally-have-a-problem kind of way, but I’ve found a way to make my addiction justifiable.  It’s called donation.  I buy as many school supplies as I can afford when the pencils are .14 cents a dozen and a reams of paper are .50 cents each, and then I find a way to donate what I collect.  There are so many schools filled with children who can’t afford to buy school supplies and so many teachers digging into their own shallow pockets to make up the difference, any donations are gratefully accepted all over my community.

In addition to that, I like to send a box once in a while to another country where schoolhouses are humble and children are extremely thankful for every small donation.  When we traveled to Costa Rica we packed an entire carry-on to the brim with notebooks, pencils, erasers, paper, glue, rulers, and scissors for a small village school in a town we visited.  The children were cutting rubber erasers in half to share and there weren’t enough pencils to go around so our tiny contribution went a very long way.

I’m putting together another box to send to Costa Rica, but you don’t have to go that far to help kids with basic needs.  Go to your local elementary schools and find out how you can help.  A little bit goes a long way.

ROYGBIV never looked so good.


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  1. Cathy :

    As much as I love the crayola felt pens (so washable!!!) I hate their color pencils. If they fall on the floor once, the lead breaks inside and cannot be sharpenned again. I find that Crayola either makes amazing products or total flops.
    Kuddos to you on sharing the supplies!

  2. senseo7810 :

    I like All p-roducts that u provide for school children ,keep providing but some offers will be good , Thank you.