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hyatt resort huntington beach.

We travel to Southern California on a regular basis and Huntington Beach is my absolute favorite. The actual beach, I mean. I went as a little kid with my family and have glowy, sunny, happy memories of watching professional surfers and thinking incredulously “they get paid to play in the ocean all day?” Fast forward 20-some odd years {emphasis on the some odd} to my early days of marriage and motherhood. Ten or eleven years ago we started traveling as…
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BlogHer sneak peek.

This is just a complete mishmash of photos from Chicago last week. I’m still so tired I feel upside down, and my ankles are only now losing a little bit of swelling. Getting off the plane from Boston post BlogHer, they resembled play-doh. Put your finger in and it got stuck. Not pretty. So I’m resting and recuperating before I do a big post. Let me just say, I haven’t had that much fun since college. Scratch that, I haven’t…
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socialLuxe lounge venue update.

For those of you who aren’t going to BlogHer, just close your eyes and skip to the next post. I apologize in advance for the Public Service Announcement. However, if you are attending BlogHer and you were planning to come to the SocialLuxe Lounge but you didn’t get on the guest list in time? Guess what? We moved to a bigger space so more of you can come! So many people wanted in for the hottest party of the year…
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tour of the monterey bay aquarium.

I’m not exaggerating in any way, shape, or form when I say that the Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of my favorite places on the planet. Seriously. I mentioned before that as a kid we spend time in Pacific Grove {right next to Monterey} in a little cabin across the street from the ocean, and that it feels like home to me as much as anywhere else in the world. We used to have annual passes to the aquarium and…
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hostess with the mostess at the social luxe lounge.

I think I may have mentioned a thing or two about this little party I’m co-hostessing at BlogHer this year, the Social Luxe Lounge. It’s going to be so much fun, I can’t wait for next Thursday to come! One of the hostesses is an obscenely talented woman named Jennifer Sbranti aka Hostess with the Mostess aka graphic design goddess. Not only is she amazing at styling parties, she’s also someone you’d want in your inner sanctum of girlfriends. Here’s…
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road trip from san francisco to monterey.

As part of our trip in California last month we drove from San Francisco, CA to Monterey. Usually when we go places we tend to take it slow and enjoy the drive. Needless to say, we are quite capable and ready to barrel through 18 hours straight if we need to, but this trip, we set things up to try and travel at most 4-6 hours each day. The drive traveling along HWY1 from San Francisco was as beautiful as…
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monterey bay, california

Next stop after San Francisco was Monterey Bay, California. Monterey is hands-down one of my favorite cities in the country, if not my all-time favorite. If I ever end up with a whole lot of extra cash, I’ll be plunking it down on a tiny cabin in Pacific Grove right on the ocean. I mean, a girl can dream right? My family has always had a bit of a *love affair* with Monterey; going back three generations, I might add….
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Tour of Boudin Bakery.

Day three in San Francisco was one of the highlights of the entire trip for me. We went to Boudin Bakery on the wharf for a tour of their San Francisco museum as well as their sourdough bakery. As it turns out, the Boudin sourdough starter, their “Mother Dough” has been around since the beginning of San Francisco and was the one thing that Mother Boudin saved from the burning building during the fires of 1906. If you know anything…
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what it’s like to meet shamu.

Today P got to live a dream not too many folks get to live. The clouds were smiling upon her when a lady dressed like an Orca walked up to us today at Sea World in San Diego and asked us if P would like to help with the show. Before P had a chance to answer, both of us parent folk jumped in and said “yes”. Enjoy. We did. [youtube=]