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People in Europe actually use umbrellas


We apparently brought the rain with us to Warsaw, because it was nice and Spring like before we arrived. It’s okay though, we like the rain, if for no other reason than we get to play with umbrellas. We just don’t get the chance to really “use” umbrellas at home.  We go from car to store to car to home.  Here, we’re walking we’re walking we’re walking.  And occasionally, we’re public transit-ing.  So we need the umbrella. I personally love…
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southern california, here we come.

laguna beach, california

I’m on vacation right now.  An honest-to-goodness family trip that doesn’t involve any specific duties, meetings, calls, or a set schedule.  And may I just say?  I enjoy vacations quite a bit.  I’m reconnecting with my kids, playing U-NO and watching dolphins and coloring old Sesame Street coloring books on the hotel bed.  Stuff we just don’t have time to do at home. Traveling to conferences isn’t me traveling for pleasure, just f.y.i.  I get to go to cool cities…
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Taking Kids To A Museum

j. paul getty

When we went to California in June we took the kids to one of our favorite museums on the west coast, the J. Paul Getty.  Now I have to warn you, my kids aren’t the most city slicker sophisticated types.  They aren’t afraid to burp in public and make loud declarations about how bored they are when looking at some of the world’s best art. Stinkers. They were far more excited to run the stairs up to the museum than…
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Thanksgiving Point.

thanksgiving point in utah

We spend a fair amount of time at Thanksgiving Point, it’s one of our favorite places to play and learn in Utah with kids.  Keeping kids occupied + happy during the summer?  Fabulous.  Having them occupied + learning at the same time?  Superb. Thanksgiving Point is doing the coolest program right now with NASA called NASA Blast.  It goes through December, and would be the perfect way to keep your little smartypants kids engaged this summer. I can’t wait to…
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handsome men’s club video.

I seriously can’t stop watching this video, it’s hilarious. If you need a time waster in your life today, this is it. [youtube=]

cambria cove suite at mom 2.0

Just like last year, I’m thrilled to be heading to Mom 2.0 in Houston, Texas this week for round two of blogging awesomeness. I can’t wait to hang out with my blogging cohorts, speak on a panel with Rachael from Today’s Mama, Jyl from Mom it Forward, and Jenny The Bloggess {oh yes}, and chill at a Mad Men themed party by the pool at The Four Seasons. It will be a good week.Also on the agenda? A swanky suite…
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hot lunch box date night in.

The grown-ups don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at our house, it’s created some, uh, tension in years past, but if we were to have a date night in this would be it. Night at the Drive-In$39.95{via Hot Lunch} Everything you need for a stay-in movie night packed in an adorable metal lunchbox. Now that’s something even Viktor could stand behind for a stress free Valentine’s Day. {I received a lunch box to review for this post, and I may or may…
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on the eve of a conference.

Say you were speaking at a big conference in the morning, with all kinds of hot shots in the design world. Which of the following would you do on the eve of the conference? Fill in the blank: Q 1: I would spend the eve of the conference___________________________________________________________. a} putting the final touches on my slide presentation, you can never be too prepared, especially when playing with the big kids! b} burying my stitch-filled face in ice cream and a…
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brandi carlile {give up the ghost}

You know what I can’t stop listening to right now? Brandi Carlile’s Give Up The Ghost. I discovered her last album The Story sometime last year and listened to it non-stop for a month. She evokes a certain likeness to the Indigo Girls with a little more bohemian feel and I love, love her music. Might make for a great stocking stuffer for the music lover in your life. Go over Brandi’s site and have a listen, I guarantee it…
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