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Keep Your Kids Healthy During The Summertime

keep kids active in the summertime

It’s really easy to end up having kids on the couch, inside all summer long, watching TV and playing video games. It’s too hot out, kids are bored, moms need a break. But it’s not a whole lot of work to get kids active and busy outside, if you plan ahead. Every summer I make some fun summer bags for my two kids. I call them their ‘Welcome to Summer’ bags, filled to the brim with enough outdoor activities +…
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Make The Most Of A Walt Disney World Weekend

Make The Most Of A Walt Disney World Weekend | Petit Elefant

Ask anyone at our house, and they’ll tell you they’d rather be at Walt Disney World eating the ears off a Mickey ice cream bar right about now. 20 trips to our “second home” since 2007 have taught us a few things about making the most of each visit, and for this post, I focused on tips and insider secrets that will make spending a long weekend (Thursday-Sunday) at the parks that much more pixie dusted for your family. The very…
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What is it really like behind the scenes of a major film festival?

cannes film festival

At the beginning of the summer I traveled to the French Riviera to attend the Cannes Film Festival with one of my best friends, Rachael, like you do.  Like one does, one who isn’t me.  Anyway no surprise: I loved it, every minute of it, especially the naked massage on the beach.  I might just up and fly to France one of these days just to experience that again.  The grocery shopping and resulting food purchases were ridiculous (insanely delicious.)…
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Ooh wee part-eee NYC

I’ve got so much fun to share with you about what I’ve been up to, and big (amazing) changes around the corner for Petit Elefant. But in the meantime, a sneak peek into what I’ve been doing all summer for SocialLuxe Lounge in NYC. Please to enjoy. The 2012 Slow Churned SocialLuxe Lounge hosted by: Jane maynard Marie LeBaron and Allison Czarnecki (on Vimeo)

CES 2012 – consumer electronics show

CES consumer electronics show

This week I road tripped my way way down to Las Vegas to attend CES 2012, the International Consumer Electronics Show with my good friends Rachael Herrscher and Breanne Mansell, both from Today’s Mama.  All three of us are tech savvy, entrepreneurial women who run businesses in the social media sphere.  At any given time if you were to check our purses you’d probably find at least one iPhone, a DSLR camera, and a laptop or two.  Maybe throw in…
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Crazy weekend in New Orleans

best friends

Two weeks ago I went to New Orleans for one of my favorite social media conferences of the year, Mom 2.0. This particular conference is a really good discussion between marketers, PR agencies, and brands with bloggers.  I spoke last year on the panel 3 Mormons and a Bloggess and spoke this year with an equally talented group of ladies. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details of my panel {we spoke about taking your blog past a…
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A day at the park with Jennifer Garner


I was invited to go spend the day with Jennifer Garner in Los Angeles again, and even though I’m up to my neck in work, it’s just not the kind of day I wanted to pass on.  The kids were invited to come too, so we booked a flight for Viktor and made a quick 36 hour jaunt to the land of pretty people. I was one in a group of bloggers who attended the event, children in tow, to…
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Nissan Murano

nissan murano

—My assistant Kimberly traveled in my spot to an event last week.  So I could do things like get caught up on laundry and pick my kids up from school.  Read on about her experience test driving a new fabulous car— Last week I attended the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet event, in Allison’s stead. One of us got the better half of that deal. The one that went to Dallas, met up with cool bloggers from across the country, and…
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Jennifer Garner Kids Event

jennifer garner

Remember when I told you I’ve been jet-setting for the last 6 weeks, much to the chagrin of my body?  Well, I’ve been jet-setting alright, and now I’m flat in bed. Booyah baby, that’s how it’s done. Anyhow, sometime in January I flew to L.A. for a brief 24 hour stint at the W hotel in Hollywood, Precocious by my side. We went to L.A. to attend a Frigidaire event hosted by Jennifer Garner.  When I got the initial invitation,…
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