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Appropriate bridesmaid wedding fashion

My dear friend Helen Jane asked me some wedding fashion questions today, and I couldn’t help her without going full on inspiration board. It’s just the way my brain works – I’m so so super visual. Anyway, Helen Jane’s questions basically surrounded the topic of what constitutes appropriate bridesmaid wedding fashion.  It’s tricky.  You get invited to a friend’s wedding and all of a sudden there are 10 events over the course of the weekend, and what on earth are…
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How I like to wear jeans: dress it up

dressy jeans and accessories

Last week I shared how I like to wear jeans: everyday look and now all I want to do is go shopping and buy 10 more tunics for summer. Stay focused Allison, stay focused. Today I’m not talking about tunics at all, or an everyday look.  Today I’m talking about how I dress jeans up to look fancy.  Not too fancy though, I’m too tired for that kind of business. A couple of things really make for a “dressy” denim…
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How I like to wear jeans: everyday look

how to wear jeans

I’m obsessed with fashion.  Like, there are literally 15 fashion magazines stacked up next to my bed as I write this, kind of obsessed. But I’m very sartorially practical, and the sad {and happy} truth of it all is that I don’t work at a trendy NYC agency, but in my cozy home office instead.  Which means on a day-to-day basis the only humans who see me are in my carpool {hi kids!}, or have been married to me for…
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What to wear this weekend

It’s Friday.  You’ve earned it.  You’ve hauled yourself out of bed day after day after day this week, {okay just a few days – still, it feels like a lot} and you’re ready for a break.  Now all you have to decide is what to wear this weekend. You have a few options: door #1 is casual boyfriend sweats and  a stack of good books.  Door #2 is the farmers market with your sweetie, and door #3 is a sexy…
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What to wear this Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Don’t throw things at me, I didn’t invent the whole shenanigan.  I just work here. Love it or hate it, it’s time to get spiffy for a night of romance.  Valentine’s is all about making that perfect love connection, or renewing the one you’ve got, or lounging around in holey sweats and your ex-boyfriend’s t-shirt while you watch romantic comedies with a pint of ice cream in your lap. It’s your day,…
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Winter riding clothes for women

        Winter riding clothes by petitelefant featuring skinny leg jeans Denim Supply by Ralph Lauren denim button down shirt £64 – Drykorn blazer €199 – Rag & bone skinny leg jeans $176 – Rupert Sanderson high heel booties $945 – 3 1 Phillip Lim clutch bag $425 – MICHAEL Michael Kors gold jewelry $250 – Jules Smith rose gold jewelry £85 – Roberta Chiarella post earrings $68 – MTWTFSS Weekday blue shawl €10 – H&M metal aviator sunglasses £4.99 –

What I wore Wednesday black on black

what I wore wednesday black and black

What I wore Wednesday black on black I got dressed a few times over the holidays; maybe three times.  Or four.  Stop judging me.  Masterpiece Theater doesn’t care if you get out of your pajamas to enjoy a Downton Abbey marathon.  I mean, really. On Wednesday though  I really did get dressed to go to dinner and a movie with some dear friends, and I figured greasy hair and pajama bottoms might embarrass them in public. I’m a giver is…
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What I wore Wednesday fur jacket edition

what I wore wednesday fur jacket

Today is What I Wore Wednesday Fur Jacket Edition. This is what it looks like when you hand your 12-year-old a camera at 5:02 pm after the sun has set and command her to snap some not blurry pictures, when you’re one foot out the door on your way out the door to snatch up groceries lest you all starve, oh and it’s 20 degrees out. But you had to see what I was wearing yesterday.  It’s my favorite new…
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