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Bold bright casual look for Fall

Labor Day is this weekend which means it’s officially (practically) Fall, and that means it’s time to start talking about Fall fashion, yippee!  There’s nothing I love more than Fall fashion unless it’s Summer fashion, which is to say swimsuits and a cover up and flip flops for days. But I digress.  Let’s talk about a bold bright casual look for Fall. Bright pops of color are all the rage this Fall, tempered with the muted tones of burgundy, forest…
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Get your animal print on

You know, it’s time for you to break out a little.  Be a little nuts.   Get your animal print on. Wear some zebra, python, leopard, giraffe, lemur. I’m kidding about the lemur.  It doesn’t really go with my skin tone. Seriously though, there’s something a little sexy and sophisticated about animal print, as long as you do it right.  This week on Babycenter I wrote a post called 7 sexy ways to rock animal print and I want you to…
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How do YOU wear white?

how do YOU wear white?

A few weeks ago I wore an all white outfit for an entire day and at least one piece of white clothing the following two days in an effort to see if I could keep myself clean for 72 hours.  What I realized when I accepted this challenge* is that #1 I don’t have much white in my closet, and #2 I stopped wearing white of any sort around the time my daughter was born almost 13 years ago. I…
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A little something to wear this summer

I found a little something to wear this summer, a little something pretty and light, a tiny bit flirty and a whole lotta sexy.  Wear this to lunch with the girls or lazy flea market shopping on a Saturday.  Throw on some candy red lipstick for some fox factor and throw your shoulders back, because you’re sexy and you know it. platform shoes by petitelefant featuring platform shoes

William Riera

All dressed up with nowhere to go! Not yet, anyway.  I spent yesterday pulling weeds and chasing little monsters around the neighborhood and probably didn’t shave my legs or comb my hair, but then a package from William Riera arrived. I forgot about the dirt under my nails, tore open the package and tried on the dress immediately. Guess what?  I actually do love it! For starters, it’s soft and comfortable. For finishers, it’s forgiving, ahem. And in between, there are flirty ruffles to love. Finally,…
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William Riera Dress Giveaway

*** WINNERS! *** #78 Brenda  I “Liked” William Riera on Facebook (and I really liked it too) and #49 Heidi F. And I subscribed to their newsletter! Congratulations, gals. Please send us an email right away to claim your gift card. Thanks to all who entered, and thanks to William Riera for all the prettiness! Summer hasn’t even really started yet and already my calendar is filling up with special events. So much for the “lazy days.”  Weddings, graduations, and…
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2 Spring fashion outfits for you

It’s Spring.  Summer is only a hop, skip and a jump away.  I mean, there are days where I can almost taste it.  Summer you’re not hiding from me, I’ll find you sooner or later so you might as well come out from behind the bushes. Here are 2 Spring fashion outfits for you to prime the closets for Summer. I want to go to there. Summer Lovin’ by petitelefant Surf’s Up by petitelefant Spring, let’s do this thing.

What I wore Wednesday corduroy + stripes

What I wore Wednesday

I think the last time I did What I wore Wednesday it was my How I like to wear jeans post about Levi’s.  I’m a slacker, I need to be better about this.  But hold onto your hats, I have a new one.  This is What I wore Wednesday corduroy + stripes. Before I get into detailing the outfit I want to tell you something.  Usually when there’s a photo of me on my blog, someone who is not Viktor…
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Some spring fashion for you

Today is the first day of spring. Finally.  In honor of the changing season I put together an outfit I’m dreaming about, some spring fashion for you.  And, I’ll be honest, a little bit for me. There might be snow on the ground outside but I’m having happy warm thoughts thinking about sunny days ahead.  Days with new sunglasses, fancy lady hats, perfectly breezy skirts and a favorite cold drink.     I really can’t get this maxi skirt out…
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