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Style resolutions for the year 2013

style resolutions for the year 2013

New year, new resolutions and the perfect time to amp up your style. While setting a goal to lose weight or eat more veggies in the new year is great and all, there’s something just a little more fun (and less stressful) about setting goals for your wardrobe. Here are some style resolutions I recommend for for the year 2013: 1. Wear more color! Brighten up your daily routine of neutrals with pops of color this year. Not only will…
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Twelve New Year’s dresses for under 100

12 new year's eve dresses under $100

12 New Year’s Dresses for Under $ 100   For an event that only comes around once a year, it can be pretty crazy how much money people spend on dresses for New Year’s Eve.  But you don’t have to spend a lot to find a quality party dress that you’ll be able to wear more than just one night. I’ve rounded up 12 adorable dresses all under $ 100 that you can wear to ring in the New Year,…
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What can you wear to a holiday party?

what to wear for holiday office parties

//   Holiday party time is officially here.  You’re probably all done with your office parties, but there are still plenty of holiday parties between family and friends, and plenty of New Year’s Eve parties on the horizon.  What can you wear to a holiday party?  New editor Amanda has 3 great holiday party outfits for you to think about as you get ready to party it up wherever you are.   //   LOOK 1: // dress, tights, shoes, earrings, clutch,…
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Fall fashion wear all that blue

Blue is all the rage, so let’s pull up our big girl panties and do it up right: Fall fashion, wear all that blue.


Feeling blue


Let’s get real, how do you feel about blue? I’ll be honest, I’m a big fat blue fan and not just because I grew up in Cougar-town USA, (you might not get that, it’s cool – I’m talking about B.Y.U. Cougar blue).  Even if my parents didn’t bleed blue, I’ve still always loved the color.  When you’ve got dark hair and hazel eyes all those oranges and yellows you’re (slightly) obsessed with aren’t so flattering, but blue is your best girlfriend, like ever.

// Do you wear blue? //

  • dark navy blue
  • (Cougar) blue
  • powder blue
  • royal blue
  • deep ocean blue
  • (almost black) Russian Navy O.P.I. blue

Okay, so I kind of have a thing for blue.  A bit of a problem, even.  Maybe.  Sort of.  I’m not copping to anything.
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3 ways to wear booties this fall

Booties 3 ways Surely by now there’s a hot pair of booties you’re coveting; I can’t tell you how many booties are on my wish list this Fall, it’s a little embarrassing.  And the everlasting question with trends of any kind, like ankle booties, is how on earth to wear them without looking ridiculous, so I present to you 3 ways to wear booties.   1 // skinnies   Wear a pair of stunning black bootie heels with some gorgeous…
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Introducing the Lee skinny jean

jeans and heels

— Editor’s note from Allison:  Last month I sent one of my new editors, Kalli Verbecki to a Lee jean mom summit in Kansas.  I can ensure you Kalli encountered a hot skinny jean or two on her trip, these are not the mom jeans of yesteryear.  Lee is on board with all the new denim trends, so prepare your mind to be blown with hotness: introducing the Lee skinny jean. — When Allison asked if I’d like to go…
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Fashion trends that need to die

Today on Babycenter I’m sharing some fashion trends that need to die, at least according to my picky stylist self.  I’ve tried to keep myself in check, holding on to my opinions because what people wear is none of my nevermind, but there are just some things I needed to get off my chest.

Fall style blazer + cropped jeans

It’s Fall out, even though some parts of the country haven’t gotten the memo yet.  It’s crisp and cool in the morning and at night, (the times when I’m in bed, natch) so I haven’t had a chance to whip this style out yet.  Rachel Bilson loves this getup so much she wears a variation of it on a regular basis, and girlfriend’s got style.  If you’re looking for some hot style go raid your closet for a Fall style…
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Jewel tone for Fall 2012

I might not be at NYFW right now (to my husband the uninitiated, that’s New York Fashion Week) but I still know it’s all about bright colors on the runways this Fall.  Pops of color everywhere are making a comeback in a big way.  While less garish than the 80’s (one can hope), there isn’t so much a color of the moment as much as tones of color right now and that means: jewel tone for Fall 2012.   Big,…
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