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Summer Sandals I’m Loving Right Now

Summer Sandals I'm Loving

Right now we need to talk about summer sandals.  I know it’s only March, but we all need to start our shoe shopping ASAP-like.  Mostly because it’s March and it’s ugly outside and I’m dying to go on a good Spring Break trip, but I’ll probably be doing yard work and laundry instead. It’s a pretty glamorous life I lead.   Do you have your eye on anything special right now?  I’m super loving high heeled sandals, that little peep…
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2 Ways To Style Your Fall Boots

leather boots

Why Fall is the best season, for style, reason #1: boots.  BOOTS.  Boots.  Any kind of boots you can get your hands on.  I’m partial to riding boots, but ankle booties and cowboy boots also don my closet shelves.  I’m not so much picky about the kind of boots, just as long as I get to wear them once it cools down.   How do you like to style your boots?  There are so many different ways to wear them,…
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Back to School With Fancy New Shoes

Back to School With New Shoes

This year, we’re oversimplifying our life in an effort to stay on top of the crazy school madness before it even begins! So in that vein, we emptied out our closets instead of cramming them full of new school clothes, and what happened is we, magically, discovered exactly what we need for school and the next 9 months of life. It turns out, all my son needs to get through school and swim and everything inbetween was three pair of…
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Sexy And Totally Comfortable Shoes For Women

Sexy Comfortable Shoes For Women

Sexy, comfortable shoes?  Total oxymoron.  Usually.  But Brian James, a relatively new shoe company defies the un-sexy odds of comfortable, day-to-day staple shoes by making some seriously hot shoes for women. Brian James is a shoe company started in 2012 by Angela Edgeworth, founder of the adorable children’s footwear line, pediped.  Angela named the new shoe company for women after her husband Brian James (so cute!) because aside from her love for her two daughters and her shoe collection (OBVS),…
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The Pair of Shoes Every Woman Should Own for Traveling

The Pair of Shoes Every Woman Should Own to Travel

Every woman needs approximately one billion pair of shoes. Shoes for rain, for snow, for roaming around inside the house, for coffee lunch dates with the girls, for date night, for the beach and the pool, a good pair of shoes for traveling, the grocery store and the carpool pick up lane, and a few for the office. Almost every woman I know needs shoes just because sometimes she sees a pair and knows they’ll be her new best friends,…
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Wide Calf Boots

Let’s talk boots. I have been dying to get a great pair of boots for years. Literally, years. The first problem I found was calf size. It took me a couple of years to realize that wide calf boots exist. That was a game changer. I started ordering boots online because finding them in stores is next to impossible. Despite multiple purchases (and returns) I still haven’t found a pair that fits. Why? Simple. Most boots are made so that…
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How to make it glitter shoes

// How to make it glitter shoes?  Yes, please! Have you been dying to learn how to make your own glitter shoes?  I won’t lie, I totally have.  Today new DIY fashion editor Stephanie has a great tutorial to teach us all how to do the greatest DIY in the history of ever: how to make your own glitter shoes. I’m squealing on the inside. – Allison // Hi! It’s Stephanie from Henry Happened. It’s time to glitter it up,…
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What shoes to wear for Spring

shoes to wear for Spring

Utah weather is jacked up, and that’s a fact.  Regardless of the time of year, Utah likes to mix it up.  There’s almost always snow on the ground for Easter, and once in a while January throws us a 70 degree day.  You know, for fun.  It’s cold right now, but it’s warming up so I’m picking out what shoes to wear for Spring.  Here are 6 options for you, no matter the weather.  (well, kind of.) 1.  Wedges 2. …
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You know how much I love the Pinterest right?  I can’t get enough.  In fact, if my iPhone could track the traffic on my screen, all roads would end at Pinterest. I thought it would be fun to corral some of my favorite finds from Pinterest about once a week and highlight them here.  This week? SHOES!   Do you want every pair of boots as much as me?  I want them all right now, right here, ASAP.  Please.