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how to: NYC fashion made affordable.

It really doesn’t take a lot to put together a foxy outfit. All the women I took photos of in NYC were wearing outfits I can replicate for way less, any day of the week. Just to give you an idea of how to put together a sassy outfit on the cheap, I’ve put together some collages for you. Let me know what you think. NYC CHIC GRAD SCHOOL CASUAL BOLD & BEAUTIFUL OFFICE CASUAL GIRLFRIEND CASUAL var gaJsHost =…
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support awareness

In case you haven’t noticed the pink everything, everywhere, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Not that you should only pay attention in October, but it’s like an annual reminder to encourage those who are battling, those who have battled, and those who must do all they can to avoid the battle, and anyone working to make the battle easier or just plain eliminated forever. Surely you fall into one or more of those categories. How many people do you know…
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fashion on the streets of new york city.

At some point I’ll stop talking about New York City; stay with me until then. I just have a lot to get out of my system first, not the least of which is all the fashion I absorbed in my short time there. I had an idea before I got on the plane to head east; I thought to myself how cool it would be to take photos of everyday people heading to and from work, parties, and school in…
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safe jewelry for kids.

Goodness my baby is orally fixated. Happiest when chewing, sucking, gnawing. On anything his little hands can reach. He’s especially fond of teething rings but I hate to carry them in my tote because, well, who knows what lurks in the depths of the diaper bag? So what’s a mommy to do at the post office/restaurant/doctor/church/grocery store with a fussy, teething babe/ Roundhouse Design Collaborative, the creators of the oh, plah! bracelet (guess what, they are moms) wondered the same…
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free pearls for moms.

Let’s face it, even though I’m not exactly earning a living with this blogging business, it does come with some pretty great perks. Like being invited to a Goldsmith Jewelers red carpet event with a bunch of hot Utah bloggers. It’s always fun to spend a night chit chatting with my blogging friends while noshing on delicious catering and drinking sparkling cider from swanky glasses. See what I mean about all the hotness? Alma, Kelsey, and me on the red…
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Miss Ruby Sue

Just can’t get enough of these hot, bright colors in Miss Ruby Sue’s Etsy shop . . . Thanks for letting me visit, Allison! And thanks to all for reading and for your comments. Please come see me at A Room Somewhere! I’d love to share more with you.

Good Wishes Program

It’s a Wrap in Poppies, 100% silk I’ve been a fan of products from this company for a few years now. Their products regularly featured in top fashion mags and adored by celebrities galore. AND it’s a woman owned/operated organization creating gorgeous hair accessories, and even handbags, for women of all ages and tastes.  The Finest Accessories, Inc. CEO, Laurie Erickson, has a great eye for style and is committed to giving back.  Her Good Wishes program provides complimentary beautiful silk  headwraps to…
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felt flower barrettes.

I’ve gone a little crazy for all things felted or felty or felt. Must be all the bright colors and the simplicity of the graphics you get when working with the stuff. No surprise I’m tickled with the pieces in Jen Menkhaus’s etsy shop, The Littlest Bean. Barrettes, headbands, brooches and more–in delicious colors and sweet shapes for gals of all ages. Right now, my favorites are the flower pins and bitsy brooches in cheery colors. The perfect little pop…
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beautiful sterling silver jewelry.

I’ve I were absolutely hard-pressed to decide which pieces of jewelry I love best from bel kai designs, I would choose the, um… I can’t do it. I love everything. Whitney, the owner & creator of said jewelry has a great eye for design and has a unique collection of beautiful pieces to show for it. I really really love the Square Initals Necklace, and the Damask Ring is priceless. Whitney is also the founder and owner of i know…
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